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Farmer’s Rice

My paternal grandmother served this delicious dessert frequently. Most foods my grandmother served were old Pennsylvania Dutch recipes she’d learned from her mother, my great grandmother. Grandma had eight grandchildren and we all loved her Farmer’s Rice. Ingredients: Cooked white or brown … Continue reading

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Changes When life changes without warning My inner compass goes berserk My comfort zone disappears I drive about but cannot steer Why it happened isn’t clear Questions appear Unanswered I feel threatened Filled with fear I call His Name Jesus … Continue reading

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Squirrel Hunter

Shady, a hunter in his former life fending for himself among his feral enemies, enjoys a very different life now more than a thousand miles from his home turf. Shady had a reputation for being a wild scrapper and a … Continue reading

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First Draft

FIrSt  dRaFT … fIrsT DRaFt … FIrsTtt When will I learn that my fIrsT DfrAft is not a product ready to be seen? But it seems so GreAT the first time I read it! It’s as READY as it’ll ever … Continue reading

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A Child

A Child A child looks up to see a smile Longing for approval Instead he sees a scornful scowl And hears his hero howl A child’s heart breaks His small hands shake He wants to run away His dad shouts … Continue reading

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Point of View

View overlooking courtyard taken from apartment window Tall trees hold my gaze rapt in contrast of strong branches and fragile green leaves set against calm blue sky. Beneath our second story point of view, courtyard lies cozily centered among sturdy … Continue reading

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Provider We have a need we cannot meet We try so hard to find a way When all the while There’s only One Provider Any time Anywhere For anyone Yet So often we avoid this One Fearing there’s a price … Continue reading

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Short story in small segments. Continue reading

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It’s me Lord

It’s me Lord I’m here again in fact I never meant to leave I was looking for you Everywhere And found You Looking for me Thank You Lord I get lost a lot And panic When I can’t find You … Continue reading

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Camping with Mom – Short Fiction Based on True Story –

Ronda, a young stay-at-home mom weary of the everyday routine of caring for five-year-old Samuel and three-year-old Jennifer, looked forward eagerly to a vacation at a campground snuggled next to a lake a few hundred miles from their home. She … Continue reading

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When When the sky seems too close to the ground And your shoes too short for your feet Don’t look around – look up When your troubles seem over your head And your heart hurts more than your feet Don’t … Continue reading

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Comfort Food

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Comfort foods like chocolate, pastries, popcorn, and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce are sure to pamper certain of us when feel like being coddled and spoiled. Often my husband and I crave homemade spaghetti. From start to … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee A sip of my favorite coffee in the morning is for me nothing less than a gift from heaven. It is more than a beverage, more than a tradition, something near transcendence from where I am to where … Continue reading

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Sheepfold Who can tell what a day may bring Or what a day may take away Who can tell how a day May change the course of history But there is One who knows He can change a life In … Continue reading

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The Road

The Road The road’s been rough The journey long No heart to travel on The road ahead Seems steeper yet Shoes worn Clothes torn Best to lay the body down Let the weary traveler rest No more desire For further … Continue reading

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Beautiful She hides in crowds Shrinks from view Glances at the faces Of people she never knew She wonders if they’re happy She whispers a prayer for them She thinks they’re beautiful Because They are They‘re beautiful For each one … Continue reading

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“I can explain…”

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One Mistake

One Mistake From one failure Arise all the horrors Of humanity From one mistake Come heartache And Pain Can’t figure it out Don’t get it yet But it’s true Just one wrongdoing Only one We don’t obey The Word of … Continue reading

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Slim Shady – My Cat

This is young Shady The Teenage Cat The strange past of my precious cat Shady remains an unsolved mystery. This handsome gray cat has a history and emotional baggage, in fact. This is what I know: Although keeping company with wild … Continue reading

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Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread, one of my favorite comfort foods, turns out perfect every time I bake it. This plain bread, delicious and easy to prepare, with texture like no other quick bread I’ve eaten, pleases my husband, as well. I … Continue reading

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