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Shady Gets a Bath

Shady, my pet cat, with beautiful, long, gray fur somehow turns into a matted mess by the end of the winter months. He looks small here, and his fur seems dark because he’s wet. Also, the photo needs more light. … Continue reading

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Don’t You Get It? It’s a Social Thing!

Shady doesn’t speak words, but there are times he makes his message plain. Shady longs for community. I feed Shady at the same time we eat. I place a serving of his special canned feast on his little saucer and … Continue reading

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Slim Shady Claims Table Top

Slim Shady, boy cat, relaxes on HIS coffee table. My brother bought it for me, but Shady claimed it. Jeffery doesn’t mind. He loves Shady, too. Who wouldn’t love this cat? I tried putting my ornate elephant ceramic on the table … Continue reading

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Shady’s Wish

Domestic life constrains my soul That yearns to roam untamed you know I try so hard to play my part To make her glad to warm her heart If only once the shades would lift So I could take one … Continue reading

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Squirrel Hunter

Shady, a hunter in his former life fending for himself among his feral enemies, enjoys a very different life now more than a thousand miles from his home turf. Shady had a reputation for being a wild scrapper and a … Continue reading

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“I can explain…”

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Slim Shady – My Cat

This is young Shady The Teenage Cat The strange past of my precious cat Shady remains an unsolved mystery. This handsome gray cat has a history and emotional baggage, in fact. This is what I know: Although keeping company with wild … Continue reading

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