• Sheepfold
  • Who can tell what a day may bring
  • Or what a day may take away
  • Who can tell how a day
  • May change the course of history
  • But there is One who knows
  • He can change a life
  • In a moment of time
  • He can raise up a nation
  • Or take a nation down
  • He does
  • As pleases Him
  • All creation is His
  • Trillions call Him LORD
  • He is the Good Shepherd
  • He knows His sheep
  • And they follow Him
  • One sheep that strays
  • From the Father’s fold
  • He will seek and find
  • He is the Good Shepherd
  • His Father gave the sheep to Him
  • Not one of His sheep will be lost
  • No one can pluck them
  • From His Father’s hand
  • Come into the
  • Sheepfold
  • Today

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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