Comfort Food

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Comfort foods like chocolate, pastries, popcorn, and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce are sure to pamper certain of us when feel like being coddled and spoiled. Often my husband and I crave homemade spaghetti. From start to finish this delicious meal may be prepared and placed on the table within 30 to 40 minutes depending on how fast one dices onion, chops garlic, and grates cheese. I am not really nimble, so it takes me the entire 40 minutes, but time flies when I’m having fun.

Stop here if this is not your idea of fun.

There is nothing difficult about preparing this dish. Don’t think you have to put in exactly what I use. In fact, all things are negotiable when I cook. What is in the refrigerator may replace what isn’t there. Dried herbs may replace fresh herbs. I have a fragrant bouquet of fresh herbs at this time because my brother grows them and he shares. Lucky me! Usually basil and oregano are found in spaghetti sauce, but you may use whatever herbs and spices you prefer.

1) Chop, dice, or cut up onion and garlic according to how much of these you want in your sauce.

2) Heat a pan to medium temperature using a pan large enough to hold the amount of sauce you desire.

3) Sauté the onions in the oil of your choice. We like olive oil. I cook them until they become translucent and barely start to brown.

4) Add chopped garlic. Toss it around with the onions just enough to moisten the garlic and make it hot.

5) Add lean ground beef or lean pork sausage or a combination of the two as pleases you. Cook it through.

6) Add canned tomato sauce, whatever amount will provide you with enough sauce for your spaghetti. I use no-salt-added tomato sauce.

7) Add a little salt and pepper to taste and dried or fresh herbs; if fresh, chop them. I use scissors to cut the leaves into pieces. In the photo basil, oregano, and rosemary are shown, but you may pick your own spices and herbs. Simmer the sauce while you continue preparation.

8) By this time you should fill a large cooking pan with water to bring it to a boil for the pasta. I use thin spaghetti, which takes only 5 or 6 minutes to cook, but you may pick any pasta you like, and if you do, you might rename your recipe to match your choice of pasta.

9) I add a small amount of honey (or sugar) and vinegar (very small amount especially on the vinegar) to taste. Vinegar does something wonderful for tomato sauce, but use it sparingly or you will not be pleased. Ha! I also add a little spurt of hot sauce. If you don’t like it hot, skip the hot sauce.

10) Grate whatever kind of cheese you prefer. We like pepper jack right now, but that may change without notice. Parmesan is the most popular for spaghetti. Set aside the grated cheese while you finish cooking.

11) Prepare spaghetti or pasta of your choice according to package directions. I salt the water but you may wish not to salt it.

12) Drain the pasta. Serve it with sauce on top. Add grated cheese on top of the sauce.

I must quit thinking that all the recipes I see in blogs for delicious looking foods are difficult. This one looks like a long list of things to do, but really, it’s as easy as one, two, three. After you do it once or twice, you won’t even need a recipe. In fact, after you substitute your own preferences, you will have your own special recipe and you will like it better than mine.

We enjoy this simple dish. I made it for my picky grandchild. He hates onions. I put the sauce in the blender before serving it over the spaghetti. He loved it and felt very special because I had a prepared a sauce for the pasta that he truly enjoyed. Hm. I didn’t say it had no onions. I just served it. 🙂

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8 Responses to Comfort Food

  1. amkuska says:

    OOoo, you’re sneaky. ^^ I’m guessing it’s just the texture he doesn’t like. My mom tried that trick with me and cilantro. I noticed. 😉

    I think we’re having spagetti tonight. I just can’t say no to that delicious idea, and since I got a food processor to do all the chopping for me now, I love cooking! ^^


  2. Ha! Cilantro has a very distinct flavor. I’m not surprised that you noticed. Yes, I think it had to be texture because he liked the bottled spaghettis sauces and they all have onion in them.

    I like to cook, too. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Oh yes, that is one of our favorites around here, guess I know what is on the menu for tonight……better go see if I need to go the store for anything….thanks………wait….looks like I have to go to the store, this looks like a great recipe. I cannot wait to try it. It is close to what we do but we have not used cliantro in our spagetti yet and it has been a while since we mixed sasuage and hamburger. I was thinking nap but now I am thinking something different and it will work out just about right for diner. thanks, alan


  4. I haven’t used cilantro in spaghetti sauce either, but I like it. Why not put it in spaghetti sauce? Try it. Thanks for the comment.


  5. Bonnie says:

    I really enjoyed this post – spaghetti is also one of my all-time faves to cook, and I consider it comfort food too!! Your and my recipe is strikingly similar, haha! I only throw in a chopped green bell pepper, and I found your honey/sugar and vinegar addition fascinating as I’ve not tried it yet – can’t wait to try that next time. You’re right, it’s an easy dish although the description looks long! I like to make a little extra, and when it’s cooled off good, freeze it. Then I can take it out whenever I don’t feel like cooking, boil me some noodles and have a home-cooked dinner! Excellent post, thanks for sharing your own recipe. 🙂


  6. Thank you for your post. Yes, it is simple and basic. I have put in green peppers in the past, and it makes the flavor better yet. I like the idea of freezing the sauce. I usually make just enough for one meal.


  7. I’m a terrible cook (I set things on fire quite often), but this was really simple and easy to follow. Thanks and I’ll let you know if I have set it on fire or not. 😉


  8. Yes, it is simple. I serve it often because it is quick and my husband likes it a lot. Thanks for visiting.


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