Long Time No Post – Spent All Our Time Having Fun with Family – But Then Moved on and Parked Here in Louisiana – View of the Bayou – Simple but Adequate RV Park – Staying Longer than Scheduled – Again Diverging from Our Original Plan –

Here we are stuck. We moved about four feet forward and could not proceed because of a mechanical problem. Steve is working on it diligently, but we are having to change our reservations going forward, and this is not the first time this year! This is the third time we have had to make changes. Last year we made it all the way through our tour without a hitch.

The first required change happened when we received a call canceling a booking in Arkansas because of flooding. Next, an unexpected event caused us to spend more time in Nashville, Tennessee. Then we stayed longer in Pensacola, FL, than we had planned.

We had a wonderful extended time in Nashville. We met up with an old friend of mine there and spent time with them. The change in plans was a pleasant experience once we settled into the idea that we could not do what we first intended. We also enjoyed the extended stay in Pensacola while we waited to see if we would have to reroute because of Hurricane Harvey. I’m enjoying this time in Louisiana, too, in spite of the anxiety that comes with a mechanical breakdown. Steve is busy familiarizing himself with the part he hopes to install on the coach. If it is not possible, we will be here even longer getting it repaired at a service center.

New for me: We dined in Pensacola at Peg Leg Pete’s, an oyster bar. I’ve never been to an oyster bar before. This was an expensive lunch! Steve said I used to be a cheap date but no longer. Spending more time here in Louisiana, we dined at Prejean’s Seafood Restaurant that served Cajun favorites. Steve and I both had our first taste of crawfish and were delighted. We need to get back to McDonald and Taco Bell. We have blown our restaurant budget.

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11 Responses to Long Time No Post – Spent All Our Time Having Fun with Family – But Then Moved on and Parked Here in Louisiana – View of the Bayou – Simple but Adequate RV Park – Staying Longer than Scheduled – Again Diverging from Our Original Plan –

  1. Patricia says:

    Crawfish and delighted are not two words I would ever put together. Sorry about the need for repairs. Hope everything gets taken care of without any more delays. Although, sometimes delays are good things. Was good to hear from you!

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    • Thank you for stopping by, Patricia. Lots of people don’t like crawfish. I was not eager to try it myself, but my sister said it was good, and she is not a lover of seafood. She inspired my bravery. Sometimes seafood disappoints me. This time it did not. I have enjoyed our time in Louisiana, but I’ll be glad when we can go forward again. I think it won’t be long. Progress has begun. We found someone to come out here to work on it and the correct part is on the way here. Blessings to you…


      • Patricia says:

        We have a Crawfish Festival here every summer. There is music and crafts but I cannot get past those fish things so I don’t attend. Good to hear you will soon be traveling again.

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      • I google searched crawfish images today just to see what they look like. Now I can’t believe I ate them! Good thing I didn’t know that. I might not have tried them. When I was a little girl, my grandfather used to cook breakfast for us when we stayed overnight at my grandparents’ home. He prepared pork brain and eggs with kielbasa and I thought they were delicious. However, no one told me what they were until I was older. By the time I knew what I was eating, I already liked it. After looking at those crawfish, I am not surprised that you don’t want to eat them or look at them.


  2. pattisj says:

    You may have shot your food budget, but you got to try some new things–experienced the flavor of the regions. It would be a shame to go all that distance and miss out on that. I hope your travels aren’t delayed too much with the repair.

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    • Thank you for well wishes on the repair. Favorable conditions have finally arrived and I think we will be on our way soon. Yes, I agree that tasting Cajun foods was a good thing. We will always have the memory. Now I know I like Cajun cuisine very much. We both like it. We have developed a taste for Mexican fare as well. I always liked Taco Bell, but there is much more to try out and we are trying it. I’m cooking at home today, sparing the budget more strain. Ha ha. Steve is grilling chicken breast while I prepare a pasta dish and salad. Blessings to you, Patti…

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      • pattisj says:

        Glad to hear things are smoothing out. There are some things I just don’t think I could get past my lips, when it comes to food. I do like Mexican. Chicken is more my speed–LOL. Godspeed.

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      • If you have read my reply to Patricia’s comment, you know that I found out what crawfish look like. Creepy! I understand your comment about getting them past your lips. If I’d seen those images of crawfish, I may not have ever tasted them. They were not in their shells in the dish I was served. Very funny. I showed the images to Steve, but he already knew how they look. Brave man. Blessings…


  3. Would love to taste Cajun food

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