Moving toward Our Next Destination – Driving a Comfortable Distance – Following Our Plan – Reaching Parks We Booked Months Earlier – Three Days to Rest – Three Days that Fly By –

Chattanooga nearby, Cleveland, Tennessee, is our stomping grounds for three days unless we choose to drive the extra distance to Chattanooga. We probably will not because we have only three days to relax and enjoy life. These are new surroundings, but home is where we park it until we leave. Steve and I went for a walk around this beautiful RV park. Today was sunny, as was yesterday, and probably tomorrow, a nice change from many rainy days in a row. When it rains, we get to hear the sound of it dancing on our roof. Some campsites are muddy in the rain and some are not. Our last spot was a mudslide, but we enjoy life even when it rains.

During our walk we stopped in the camp store to see what they had. Steve likes to send his daughter a small memento from each place we stay. He found a little windmill that looks like a sunflower. Now we must find a post office. While shopping, I asked the clerk what grocery store in the area he thought was the nicest. He paused. I told him we were looking for a full-service grocery store with excellent produce. Food City was his immediate answer. As we left the store I told Steve what he had told me. Another camper overheard our conversation and gave us his own recommendation, which happened to be the same one – Food City. He and his wife gave us their Food City card so we could take advantage of the discount from the card. We assume they knew they were finished with it. They probably will leave tomorrow.

GPS is a blessing to us as is my iPhone that gives us Google and Maps, two sources of GPS from which to choose. Using these resources we found Food City without a problem and did our shopping. We were delighted with this grocery store. It did not disappoint us one bit.



About Carol Ann Hoel

The new me - Carol Ann. More suitably said, the old me in new circumstances of life. Again. My history has developed in parts and chapters. In person, I am Wife, Mom, Grandma, Author, and Writer, in that order, more or less. Life is good because God is good.
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5 Responses to Moving toward Our Next Destination – Driving a Comfortable Distance – Following Our Plan – Reaching Parks We Booked Months Earlier – Three Days to Rest – Three Days that Fly By –

  1. Laura Best says:

    GPS is wonderful. We use it often. Sounds like you’re having a great summer!

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    • I see I am late to reply and I thought I watched my email reminders well. I apologize. We have had a great summer beginning with a wedding in Steve’s family on Long Island, NY, and fun with my family in Florida. Then came Hurricane Harvey that caused us to rebook our stops across south Texas. Then Hurricane Irma that threatened my family (they are all well). Now we are stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana, to deal with a mechanical issue. Life is full of challenges no matter how we don’t like it. Nice to hear from you, Laura. Blessings…


  2. pattisj says:

    I imagine GPS is a blessing that makes life in a new place much easier to navigate.

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