Sunrise at Van Horn RV Park in Van Horn, Texas – Small Town – Excellent Park – We Are Resting Here – Calm Blue Skies in the Morning – Motorhomes and Fifth Wheels and Campers Coming and Going Each Day – We Love It –

This is our third tour in our Motorhome. We started this one in mid-April calling it our 2018-2019 tour. It will end April 30, 2019, making this tour a few days longer than a year. (This is the plan subject to any revisions as needed.) However, from November 1, 2018, until April 30, 2019, we will be resting in our winter campground. We travel six months and rest six months, living in our motorhome, because it is our only home. We identify with the little phrase we often see in camping shops: Home is where you park it. This is true for us. You would be surprised how much anyplace can seem like home when all your stuff is with you and only your surroundings change.

Van Horn RV Park

Looking out the window
What do I see – land – and
Mountains on the horizon –
Still as castle walls –
Like stone soldiers
Intently looking down on
Brown Texas sand –
And people like me –
Looking out their windows
Admiring the trees –
And the grass – (what
Little of it there is) –
We are noticing the blue sky
Has turned to gray – but the
Mountains on the horizon –
They remain the same –

Carol Ann Hoel – Just sayin’



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Life is good because God is good.
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