May 1, 2016, our first day actually traveling in our motorhome, Steve held onto the steering wheel with all his might. I was scared, so I asked him, “Steve, are you okay with driving this? Are you worried?” No, he wasn’t worried or scared. I found out years later that it was all he could do not to freak out. No use telling me, he knew. His secret motto was: Do not let Carol Ann know anything that might make her more afraid than she already is. This worked out well for us. I had no idea he was having a tough first day of driving. We were on our way to our first destination: New Orleans, Louisiana. What we called destinations were the places we wanted to spend time. All the other places were stops along the way. Steve promised me we would take our time. I planned our trips to cover about 200 miles per day.

We stayed in six parks on the way to New Orleans, one in New Mexico, three in Texas, and two in Louisiana. We arrived at River Ridge, Louisiana, on May 20, 2016, only twenty minutes away from New Orleans. (There are no RV Parks in the City of New Orleans.)

We drove the Jeep to the great but little City of New Orleans on the 21st day of May, 2016, which was a Saturday. We found a restaurant on Royal Street that looked inviting. The name of it was Pere Antoine. It was lunch time. We ordered several items on the menu so we could try many Cajun foods, including Jambalaya. We each had a beer with our meal. We traded foods so we could taste it all.

Carol Ann

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Life is good because God is good.
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  1. Laura Best says:

    Hi Carol Ann. I thought about you today and so hopped on your blog to see if you’ve been updating. Good to know you and Steve are still travelling around. OS: Great picture of you!!


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