Everyday Life for People that Live in an RV – What Could Be Better than to Wake Up in the Morning to New Surroundings yet Being in Your Own Home – It’s the Little Things in Life that Make it Okay –

Bellefonte, Ohio, RV park, not where we were the day before and not where we were three days later. We were in this town seeing whatever there was to see. Sometimes we have to drive the Jeep a little distance to find restaurants and stores in new places, but usually not too far.

What do we do all the time? We do the same things we used to do when we lived in a stick and brick home. We have coffee and cereal in the morning. I pull out meat from the freezer for our main meal, which we like to have at midday. Steve grills the meat after I get it ready for him, and I cook the sides on my propane gas range. Other days we go out for lunch like we did today. Laundry is an everyday endeavor, one or two loads. The washer and dryer are small, but that’s fine. Steve finds plenty to do outside until 4:00 when we turn on TV and celebrate happy hour at home with a beer or a cocktail.

We are in Mount Vernon, Kentucky as I write this post. This is our second day here. We went to town using the GPS on my iPhone to find the local Pizza Hut. When we got there, GPS instructed us to turn right, which Steve did, even though it didn’t look like a road or a driveway. It went straight up, almost. I was afraid we might slide backward if Steve did not keep his foot steadily on the gas. There was a gas station at the top of the first rise, then a sharp curve that took us higher yet, and another one. At the top of the knob sure enough there was a Pizza Hut! The edge of the parking lot looked like a good place to fall off the side of the mountain. Photos never show true depth. This one is no different. The incline was steeper that this photo reveals.

The restaurant is not shown in this photo. It was on the other side of the parking lot.

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4 Responses to Everyday Life for People that Live in an RV – What Could Be Better than to Wake Up in the Morning to New Surroundings yet Being in Your Own Home – It’s the Little Things in Life that Make it Okay –

  1. Patricia says:

    Your pizza search sounds like an adventure. Was the place busy? Was there anything nearby?

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    • Yes, this Pizza Hut was very busy, but we were served promptly. There were many restaurants and fast food places in the area as well as other businesses. We like it when there are lots of places to go near our campground. Blessings to you, Patricia…


  2. pattisj says:

    What a location for a Pizza Hut! I’ve been craving pizza for two days, and theirs is a favorite, though I buy lower-calorie ones from the grocery store to fill in occasionally. Most of the Pizza Huts here are take-out/delivery only. I used to enjoy their lunch buffet.

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    • We like pizza, also. I have cravings for it more than Steve. He can take it or leave it. I like Little Caesar’s $5.00 large pepperoni pizza that’s supposed to be ready at the time you enter the store. Too often it’s not quite ready, but it’s still cheap and delicious. When it comes to dining room pizza, we enjoy Pizza Hut, also. Sometimes we use their delivery service on days that we just arrive at a park and don’t feel like going out or cooking. Thanks for stopping by, Patti. Blessings to you…


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