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The Writer’s Muse – Some Writers Talk about their Muse – Not All Writers Have a Muse – Research Revealed Scarcity of Factual Information on The Muse Issue – This is a Disclosure of What I Found –

According to Wikipedia.com, Muses originated in Greek Mythology. Nine daughters of god and goddess Zeus and Mnemosyne named Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania, were said to be the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science, … Continue reading

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Why Do Readers Choose to Read Several Books by the Same Author – I Researched this Issue – What Did I Find – We Do This because We Like the Author – BUT We Don’t Know the Author – Do We – What Do We Discover about an Author by Reading the Author’s Writing – The Author’s VOICE –

I personally have read many novels. When I want another novel to read, I’ll often look specifically for books written by authors I already know I like. If I cannot find a book written by one of those familiar authors, … Continue reading

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Writing Successful Fiction – Choosing the Fascinating and Versatile THIRD PERSON OMNISCIENT Point of View (POV) to Tell Your Story –

I’m covering this point of view for writing fiction not because I think it is better than any other, but because this is the one I used in my novel, Buddy for David. It’s the POV that I know by experience. THIRD … Continue reading

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Fiction Writers Learn What They Need to Know to Create Great Fiction – Understand the Issue of Point of View (POV) and Write Fiction with Excellence –

Authors choose the point of view (POV) that works best for their stories. Understand the POV issue and tell your story skillfully from the best point of view for its presentation. As a result, you will produce clear and understandable fiction. Personally, … Continue reading

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Housework – The Interruption that Rules

Housework gets in the way of writing, blogging, cooking, relaxing, whatever else there is to do. Today I really want to write, not just any writing; I want to revise my manuscript. But, I should mop the floor. I make … Continue reading

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First Draft

FIrSt  dRaFT … fIrsT DRaFt … FIrsTtt When will I learn that my fIrsT DfrAft is not a product ready to be seen? But it seems so GreAT the first time I read it! It’s as READY as it’ll ever … Continue reading

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One Mistake

One Mistake From one failure Arise all the horrors Of humanity From one mistake Come heartache And Pain Can’t figure it out Don’t get it yet But it’s true Just one wrongdoing Only one We don’t obey The Word of … Continue reading

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