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GMO – Acronym for Genetically Modified – What about Wheat – Is it GMO – Celiac Disease Has Increased – Many Experience Improved Health with Wheat Gluten Removed from Their Diets – Research Surprised Me – I Did Not Expect to Read that There is NO GMO Wheat in our Food Supply – So It Has Been Reported –

My research may surprise you. It surprised me! I have read several sources that claim GMO wheat does not exist in our food supply. I’m not arguing in this post that it does. But I pose the question: Why are … Continue reading

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Losing Weight, Gaining Weight, Losing, Gaining, Gaining, Gaining – Oh NO!!!

The cycle of losing weight and gaining, losing and gaining, is unending, but when gaining takes an unfair advantage, like during the holidays, I get nervous. I’m not obese, and, since I don’t want to be in the future, I’m … Continue reading

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