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Novel: Buddy for David –

Having a child go missing would be any parent’s worst nightmare. Yet, this is what happened to the Anderod family on a clear day in July, 1994. Their eight-year-old son David disappeared. The same day their five-year-old daughter Rachel experienced something that made her unable or unwilling to speak. It seemed obvious that the two occurrences were related, but what happened to Rachel no one knew. The Anderods were as horrified as any parents would be. The sheriff of their small community in rural Ohio began an extensive search to find young David. Two kidnappers held David captive in the back of an old, black van. Frightened but strong enough to endure one day at a time, David waited…

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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6 Responses to What Genre Do You Read – I Like Suspense – I Read Suspense – I Write Suspense – Buddy for David – Suspense –

  1. I am reading The Machiavelli Covenant by Alan Folsom

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    • Is that a mystery you are reading? I like mysteries. There is mystery in my book, but the classic mystery genre revolves around the investigation of a murder. Most mystery authors bring suspense into the story, also. I’m calling “Buddy for David” a suspense novel because there is much concern and danger that is prevalent in every chapter. Thank you for stopping by, Carl. Blessings to you…


  2. On page 89, seems like international political thriller ,murder and suspense..

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  3. Have just ordered a copy of your book.

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