Why Are These Sticking to the Grill – Says My Hubby – Brush Them with Oil Before You Turn Them – Say I – Yellow Squash Sliced and Oiled – Tasty – Steve Grills – I Love It –


We have it worked out perfectly. I prepare it and Steve grills it. This time I sent him out the door with a small bowl of garlic infused oil to slather on the slices of yellow squash. This keeps it from sticking and makes it taste wonderful, too.

We keep learning new ways to cook old recipes. Like meatloaf. I prepared a meatloaf the same way I always did. Each time I make a meatloaf, I make it a little different. Steve came in the door after returning from the store where he bought me a loaf pan. (I had sold my loaf pans thinking I’d not ever make meatloaf again without and oven.) He noticed three raspberry pastries missing from the plastic see-through container. “Somebody had a snack,” he opined. Not so. Somebody put three raspberry pastries in the meatloaf. meatloaf-on-grillHa! I chopped a Roma tomato, also, and tossed it in. But here is the real amazing part of the story: Steve cooked the meatloaf in the pan on the grill, and it turned out better than in the oven!

I am beginning to wonder if there is anything that can’t be cooked on a grill. Hm. I guess I can’t bake a cake. I know someone who baked a cake in a crock pot.

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4 Responses to Why Are These Sticking to the Grill – Says My Hubby – Brush Them with Oil Before You Turn Them – Say I – Yellow Squash Sliced and Oiled – Tasty – Steve Grills – I Love It –

  1. A lil’ oregano on the squash. Today I finished hand writing the New Testament. Merry Christmas.

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    • Merry Christmas to you, too, Carl. Oregano is one of my favorite spices. It would be good on squash, no doubt. Hand writing the entire New Testament! What an accomplishment I believe you have done this before. Am I right? Blessing to you, Carl…


  2. pattisj says:

    I love grilled food! Never thought to grill a meatloaf–or put the pastries in there, either! I have seen Crockpot cake recipes, too. I think my son-in-law baked one in there, come to think of it. Molten Lava Cake, I think it was. Gluten-free–and delicious!

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    • I have a friend who made a Molten Lava Cake in a crock pot. I was told it was scrumptious. We also have friends that have a motorhome. I’ll call them H and B. They came to Las Cruces for two weeks while we were there. H made a meatloaf in her crockpot, and it was delicious. Later on, I tried it, too, and it worked for me. The grill makes it happen more quickly, faster than the oven, in fact. Speaking of “gluten free”, I eat all things now, including foods containing gluten. I love it. Thanks for stopping by, Patti. Blessings to you…


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