As Automated as We Are – Nothing Has Replaced Reading for Students – Acquiring Knowledge Requires Reading Skill – So How Does that Skill Develop – By Exercise – Reading a Book that Motivates a Reader to Turn the Page Will Increase Reading Skill –

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Do you remember how you learned to read? I can’t say that I remember the process that started in primary school, but what I remember clearly is receiving a book to read from my parents. It was Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. I read it from cover to cover, and when I finished it, my reading skills were better.

Before reading that book I didn’t like reading much at all. Comprehension and appreciation had been impeded by my lack of reading skill. Continuing from page to page because I wanted to know what would happen next was the key to my future success as a student. Reading had become natural, not something I resisted, but rather something I enjoyed.

Buddy for David photo

If I may be so bold as to recommend the novel I wrote as one that will motivate a reader to turn the page, let me say that Buddy for David will do that for readers.

Summary: Young David is abducted. How he survives, how his family endures the days of his absence, how law enforcement officials struggle to find him, and what happens each moment of his captivity will keep the reader turning the pages. David lives to tell his story to an unlikely audience. Every emotion, including love, fear, hope, and anger, comes into play, and a few chuckles along the way.

Buddy for David is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.

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