We Like Catfish – I Have It On Hand – Tilapia Not So Much – I Used a Recipe for Broiled Tilapia to Broil Catfish – So – I’ll Call Mine Broiled Catfish Parmesan – Instead of Broiled Tilapia Parmesan – Another Good Recipe from Allrecipes.com –


Catfish Broiled 2


This large catfish fillet was broiled in the oven and served in a very short time.

Steve and I both like catfish breaded with Jules Gluten-free All-purpose Flour, but I’ve been presenting too many meals high in carbohydrates, so today I put on the brakes.

Catfish Broiled with ParmesanHere is a link to the recipe that made our catfish special today. It’s entitled Broiled Tilapia Parmesan, and tilapia will work as well as catfish. It took only ten minutes to put together the ingredients, which included Parmesan cheese, softened butter, mayonnaise, fresh lemon juice, dried basil, black pepper, onion powder, and celery salt. I broiled the fish three minutes on one side, two on the other, and two more with Parmesan mixture spread on top.

Custard Bread Pudding DessertWhile I said that I put on the brakes with carbs, I confess that I served a dessert that contained some starchy carbohydrate. Two gluten-free biscuits cut into cubes went into the custard bread pudding.

I poured some cream over my dish of pudding. There are no carbs in heavy cream but some very hefty calories. Steve preferred his dessert as is.

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