Good Morning from Chelsea – Yesterday She Was Groomed – Not What She Really Likes – She Gives Us the Disapproving Look as Her Groomer Carries Her Away – But She Comes Back Looking Beautiful and Clean –

Chelsea Groomed thrice

Stretching in the morning hours, Chelsea is clean and trimmed. She can see better than she could from under her bushy brow. Did she complain about her bushy brow? Not sure, but if she knew grooming would solve it, she wouldn’t say a word. Yes, Chelsea talks. She speaks Bichonese. Most of the time the message is FEED ME.

Chelsea Groomed 1

Not hungry yet, she opts to take a run in her 3/4 acre yard. Any time of day or night, Chelsea comes and goes.

Chelsea Groomed twice

Nothing bores Chelsea more than having no appetite. This happens to her now and then. She looks longingly at her food but walks away for another hour or so until her appetite returns. Chelsea loves to eat.

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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