Becky Dvorak – a Healer in the Name of Jesus – Steve and I Went to Phoenix to See and Hear a Dear Lady Tell about Jesus and Heal the Sick –

Becky DvorakSteve and I went to a special meeting at Streets of Destiny church in Phoenix, AZ, last night. We went because Becky Dvorak would be there speaking words of hope and salvation and healing the sick. We traveled a distance in fairly heavy traffic. Steve is a good driver, and we arrived at the our destination on time, and Becky was the first person I saw as we entered the door. Even though I saw her back and not her face, I knew it was she standing there, so I spoke her name. “Becky.” She turned around. Her sweet countenance revealed that I was not mistaken. I introduced myself and Steve and we conversed. I told her I’d read both her books more than once.

What we saw at Streets of Destiny was a church that embraced the population of that area with open arms. Becky explained that their Friday night meeting was a feeding service and after a message from her the people would receive a good meal. (Plates heaping with nutritious foods, drinks, and desserts were served to each one without cost.)

When Becky spoke, all were given opportunities to receive Jesus as their own personal savior, which many did, and also healing of their infirmities. A line formed and Becky spoke quietly to each one. I saw some very delighted faces as Becky laid her hands on them and spoke words of healing in the name of Jesus on their behalf. There was no one there with obvious diseases or crippled limbs that I noticed, only the neighborhood people that were hungry for a meal and willing to share their physical problems with Becky so she could minister healing to them.

I’ve read many books on the subject of Biblical healing, one of which was Becky Dvorak’s Dare to Believe. There were many such books to choose from for my Kindle, but when I saw hers, I sensed an excitement. I asked the Lord if this one was the best for me to read at that time. I lingered there waiting for any indication that I should keep looking, but there was none. I chose her book, and 30 seconds later it was on my Kindle (one advantage of e-books) and after reading a few chapters, I knew I’d chosen well. As soon as I finished Dare to Believe, I purchased her second book, Greater than Magic.

Becky and her husband David served the Lord in Guatemala. They started an orphanage to care for abandoned children. I won’t give the details that are available in her book, but I will declare without reservation that Becky and David have lived for Jesus lives of dedication and sacrifice. Becky prayed and studied to bring healing to the children in their care. She wrote her books not only to teach believers how to receive healing and to bring it to others, but to give her testimony of God’s miraculous provision for the infants and children the Lord saved from sickness and death through the many years of their ongoing ministry.

Miracles still happen and Becky Dvorak has witnessed and participated in many of them. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

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5 Responses to Becky Dvorak – a Healer in the Name of Jesus – Steve and I Went to Phoenix to See and Hear a Dear Lady Tell about Jesus and Heal the Sick –

  1. Good evening. I’m looking for Becky Dvorak’s email address to contact her. I’m Apostle Divine Mokotjo in South Africa.


    • I don’ have Becky Devorak’s email address. Becky has a Facebook account. If you are on Facebook, you could send her a friend request. You might be able to communicate with her through that medium. I sent her a message on Facebook Messenger telling her you were requesting her email address. I’m not sure she will read the message. Becky has lots of friends and probably doesn’t always get to read every message. I hope you are able to connect with Becky. Blessings to you…

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  2. The email address I saw and tried to use didn’t really work! Please provide me with an alternative! I need to contact her!


  3. Pam Cole says:

    I would like to order some books and things but I need a phone number I don’t order on the computer if you can help please Thank you Pam Cole


    • Hello. I cannot find a phone number for Becky Dvorak, but I found a phone number for a Barnes & Noble. The phone number is 631-724-0341. My husband a I were on Long Island, New York, visiting his family. The number is for a Barnes & Noble in New York. I’m sure they could provide you with a local store Near you. Barnes & Noble has Becky Dvorak’s books. If they don’t have the book you want, they can order it for you. Blessings to you…


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