Stopping to Pass the News – Steve Has a New Hip – His Doctor Said the Old One Was Really Bad – In Fact – It Was Frozen – The Surgery Lasted an Hour More than Expected – Hope to Have Steve Back Home Tomorrow –



NewspaperSteve is doing fine with his new hip. Nevertheless, the first thing he said after surgery were these words: “Remember when I told you this operation couldn’t hurt any more than my hip was hurting all these months. I lied!” I think he meant he was wrong. It really hurt a lot, but soon after, he went back to sleep and woke up the next morning a new man with a new hip. I am oversimplifying by that statement. It’s been a rough few days. Steve is my hero. He is brave, true, and kind to everyone. I praise the doctors, nurses, and all hospital staff. My greatest praises go to Jesus. Healing is a precious gift from Him to all of us. Steve’s body is healing, and for that we are grateful.

Whistling WindNow that the hospital phase of this is nearly over, I am able to laugh at some of the challenges I faced. Yes, I know. They can’t be worse than having one’s hip pulled out and another one installed. True. But I had some minor problems.

For one, I haven’t driven much since I moved to Arizona. Steve drives; I ride. I like it that way, but it caused me to feel nervous driving. I had to drive Steve’s car because mine has a window that doesn’t work. I also have a very inadequate sense of direction. Steve showed me how to get to the hospital, and I almost got it right, but not exactly.

Chelsea Groomed 2I had stayed overnight after the surgery and made it home the afternoon of the next day without making a mistake. I fed Chelsea (our pet), gathered up some things, and headed back to the hospital; but I chose the wrong ramp getting onto the superhighway. Blissfully I drove a long while before I realized I had gone the wrong way.

SpaceComplicating the situation, it was nighttime, and monsoon rains were falling. I didn’t know how to operate the windshield wipers, so the cleaning stuff was spraying and the wipers were wiping wildly, while I wanted them to go slowly. Then I’d get them to stop but couldn’t get them on again when the rain started up again.

God is good, and I finally got off the highway. I drove back onto the highway going in the opposite direction. I arrived at the hospital a little late. Steve was doing well. He probably wondered if I’d fallen in a ditch or decided to go somewhere else. I told him all about it. Poor guy.

Banner HospitalThe next day Steve’s always-reliable car wouldn’t start. It was parked in the hospital garage. I went back inside to tell Steve. We prayed that it would start later and it did! We thought the battery was going bad, so we decided I needed to drive my van with the window stuck down, a risky proposition in monsoon.

My first challenge with this new situation was backing my van out of the garage into which it barely fit. I backed it out safely, but when I drove it home, I couldn’t get it back into the garage correctly, and I couldn’t pull the garage door all the way down.

The next day I tried to drive my van snugly into the garage so that the garage door would clear the back of the van. I heard a very loud POP as I was creeping forward! I stopped and got out of the van, but I couldn’t see under it or in front of it. I could barely get out. I squeezed my body between the van and the side of the garage. I called Steve on the phone and asked what he thought it might be. He thought I might have run into the hot water heater.

Water Heater on the left...

Water Heater on the left…

YIKES! I opened the door at the rear of the garage so I could see the front of my van better. I was able to assure Steve that I hadn’t destroyed the hot water heater. I don’t know what the noise was. Thank God, the hot water heater is safe. I will be very glad when Steve is back to driving. I’m not sure how long that will be.



About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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6 Responses to Stopping to Pass the News – Steve Has a New Hip – His Doctor Said the Old One Was Really Bad – In Fact – It Was Frozen – The Surgery Lasted an Hour More than Expected – Hope to Have Steve Back Home Tomorrow –

  1. joyackley says:

    What an ordeal for you! Sound like something that would happen to me. I have a poor sense of direction and I don’t do interstate driving. I’m glad everything turned out okay, and hope Steve’s new hip will continue to do well.


    • Thanks, Joyce. Steve is home now, but we didn’t get here until 5:00 in the evening. All is well. He can walk with a walker and he feels fine. I appreciate your stopping by. Blessing to you…


  2. elizabeth says:

    Oh gosh I hope it’s not something essential! 🙂 G
    As all is well with Steve and you are gaining confidence behind the wheel/s. Love and hugs.


    • Thanks, Elizabeth. Steve looked in the garage. He thinks I hit the boards he had put in there to indicate the place to stop. I apparently drove in a little too far, but nothing is damaged on my van or in the garage, with the exception of one cracked board. Maybe that crack board made the popping sound.

      Will I ever gain confidence behind the wheel? We will see, because I’m going to be driving for possibly six more weeks. Blessings to you…


  3. pattisj says:

    Wow, you’ve had a time of it, Carol Ann! I’m glad Steve is doing so well, and you are going to have this driving-parking-windshield-wiping thing all figured out soon. 🙂 Blessings to you.


    • Thank you for the blessings! Yes, I hope soon to have the vehicle problems solved. I’ll get used to the way Steve’s car works, but we need to get a new battery first. We are using the van until then. The van has a broken window apparatus, low tires, and needs an oil change. Very simple stuff, but with Steve recuperating, it’s a hassle. I guess we dropped the ball in preparation for surgery. We didn’t expect to be using my van, but the battery surprise changed that. Steve has an air pump, so as soon as he is up to it, he will show me how to use it on the tires. Isn’t is funny how little things can make havoc? We will get on top of this one step at a time. Steve is doing well, and that’s the big thing right now. Edema is bothering him, but I think it’s normal and okay. Some things just take time. Blessings to you…


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