LORD – When I Said “My Foot Is Slipping”…

When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, LORD, supported me.

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.

Psalm 94:18-19 – The Bible –
New International Version © 2011

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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28 Responses to LORD – When I Said “My Foot Is Slipping”…

  1. Liane says:

    Very encouraging. Thank you 🙂


  2. Wonderful verses to recall when uncertainty undermines us. Thanks, Carol Ann! (Your kitten looks very sweet and attentive to the Word, too.)


  3. elizabethre says:

    Beautiful encouragement Carol Ann. And that little kitten looks like he/she’s
    seriously studying the Word 🙂


  4. Consoling…a reminder I was happy to receive today. Thank you.


  5. pattisj says:

    Yes, He is our ever-present help. Thank you for sharing these nuggets of truth with us. It’s always a delight to find you in my inbox, like a warm visit from a friend. Blessings, Carol.


  6. Tracy says:

    Nice way for me to end the day. Nighty night Carol Ann!


    • Thank you for your comment. My reply comes in the morning, but I read your comment from my pillow on my iPhone. Your “nighty night” message was timely received. I appreciated it then and now. Thank you for visiting. Blessings to you, Tracy…


  7. theonlycin says:

    Inspirational, I hope all goes well for you in the coming week. xxx


  8. planejaner says:

    The Truth.
    thank you, Carol Ann, for always putting it out there!


  9. flyinggma says:

    Encouragement for those of us residing at times on slippery slopes and worried about falling off. Blessings, Jeanne


  10. Jingle says:

    breath taking..

    love the cute cat..


  11. jannatwrites says:

    Thanks for sharing those words.

    We just have to ask for his support. Seems simple, but for some reason it takes me a while of hanging out on my own before I remember to do this!


    • Thank you for your visit and your comment. I inadvertently missed your comment on the day you made it. I apologize.

      It amazes me how often I do the same thing. I’ll struggle for a while before it occurs to me that all I need to do is ask for His intervention. Duh. Blessings to you, Janna…


  12. trisha says:

    thats grace of God and blessing for us, human beings.


  13. Jamie Dedes says:

    Sweet! A little treasure.


  14. Chloe says:

    I agree with Jamie – these words are indeed a ‘little treasure’. And that little kitten is just gorgeous too!

    Hope you are having a great day xx


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