Arizona Monsoon Sky Reappears – Not a Trace of Blue – We Still Need Rain for our Desert – Will We Get Rain or Dust – Or Neither – Steve and I Are Hoping for Rain –

Monsoon Sky

Monsoon skies have returned! Yesterday the sky was clear and blue. The sun was shining brightly. Today the clouds are clustered close together allowing not even a hint of blue to show through.

Everywhere else I have lived, clouds in the sky were a normal everyday occurrence. Solid blue skies day after day just didn’t happen in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, or Florida. Arizona presents amazing weather configurations all its own. None of those other places shot the mercury to 120 degrees as happened in our backyard recently.

Good Morning from ArizonaIf you drive through this valley, you will see eye-dazzling landscape spanning as far as the eye can see (that would be until a mountain rises on the horizon). Artfully planted desert flora blesses the eyes that behold it. Arizona is a lovely place to gaze at day after day. This doesn’t happen by accident. I see the watering systems spraying at full blast everywhere we drive.

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Life is good because God is good.
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