Walking Chelsea – Our Pet Bichon Frise – What I Learned on Our Walk –

Chelsea 2

Chelsea has her own private backyard to run in all the time. She doesn’t need to be walked, but she likes it. As I approached the door to leave, she raced ahead of me letting me know she wanted to go along. I took along a small sack and a plastic fork to pick up after her.

Chelsea 4When the time came, I scooped up what she had left behind. This is when I found out what I didn’t know. I had seen Chelsea’s backyard potty places. I saw that her dog food was not keeping her healthy. I have been adding pumpkin to her food, hoping that it would give her enough fiber to correct this condition. Success! Our walk together showed me that Chelsea is now a healthier pet.


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Life is good because God is good.
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