Contrasting Florida and Arizona – What are the Differences – Love them Both –

Florida Clouds

Florida Clouds

Arizona Clouds

Arizona Clouds

I spent nineteen years in Florida. I arrived one year ago in Arizona. Both have warm (HOT) climates in the summer. Both have pleasant winters. So what’s the difference?

Florida is humid; Arizona is arid. Florida has big fluffy white clouds like huge cotton balls floating in the sky; Arizona has small wispy clouds surrounded by lot of blue sky. Florida rains; Arizona, not very much.

If you would rather bake than boil in the sun, choose Arizona, because it’s dryer. If you hate extremely high temperatures over 100 degrees, choose Florida, because the temperatures rarely exceed 100. I live in Arizona, where the humidity is low; I lived in Florida, where the humidity is high. If you experience 90-degree temperatures in high humidity, it will seem more unpleasant than it would at 90 degrees with lower humidity. Florida summer days reach the mid to high 90’s, while Arizona’s temperatures rise consistently to 104 degrees, often reaching upwards of 107, and on some days past 110. Sizzling 115 degree heat does not seem comfortable with even the lowest possible humidity!

Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day!

You won’t need an umbrella very often in Arizona. You might want to keep one in your automobile in Florida.

Bad hair days do not often happen in Arizona. The arid climate does not disturb the hairstyle that is secured by hairspray. Florida has bad hair days all the time!

My opinion is that Arizona’s hotter weather with lower humidity balances with Florida’s slightly cooler weather with higher humidity. They are both beautiful places to live. Sunshine and laughter describe them both!



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9 Responses to Contrasting Florida and Arizona – What are the Differences – Love them Both –

  1. RobbyeFaye says:

    I LOVE Arizona.
    Florida is great for fall, winter and spring but just too, too much for summer.
    I was in Arizona once when it hit 120, this was near Phoenix. But, I much the prefer dryness to the humidity of Florida.
    I hope to someday retire to Arizona!


  2. Some day I gotta get out of Miami. I would like to do fossil hunting is Arizona.


  3. pattisj says:

    I’ll go for the good-hair place. I’ve heard how hot it can get inside a car.


    • I like the “good hair” aspect of Arizona, too. Bad hair days are a disappointment. Yes, the temperature inside a car without AC running can rise to an unbelievable scorching heat in a very short time. Blessings to you, Patti…


  4. jannatwrites says:

    I’ve not lived in Florida, but I did have a business trip in Georgia in August and the humidity had me wondering if I remembered to towel off after my shower. Not for me! Although the extreme heat of Phoenix isn’t for me, either. Living in another part of AZ now, I can appreciate the state more. It cools down beautifully at night 🙂


    • The valley where we live is very hot. The sizzling heat of summer many avoid by traveling to a cooler place until the weather changes. We tough it out through the hot months, and the rest of the year is delightful. I’d rather put up with heat than cold. I hated the cold weather I lived in most of my life. I miss the beauty of the snow, but it’s cold, you know. Blessings to you, Janna…


      • jannatwrites says:

        Oh, I’m quite familiar with the valley – I lived in a Phoenix suburb for over 25 years (until last year!) I don’t miss it all 🙂 I’ll be there visiting my parents next weekend, so I do still have to handle it, though.


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