Which Boot

Jeremy went shopping at a Western Shop at the local mall for a pair of boots, exactly what his wife Emily wanted for her birthday. He saw a fine looking pair, picked up the box, and lay them on the counter hastily pulling out his credit card. Scurrying to the gift wrap counter, Jeremy handed the box to the gift wrapping clerk and asked her to do it as quickly as possible. The clerk wrapped with nimble fingers and handed him back the box in a flash.

Jeremy rushed home hoping not to hold up dinner. On Emily’s birthday he wanted things to be just right. Dinner had been waiting but Emily’s disappointment turned into joy when she saw the beautifully wrapped birthday present. Jeremy kissed her on the check and handed her the box.

Jennifer, their three-year old, watched with fascination as her mommy tore off the wrap and opened the box. Emily slipped her feet into the boots.

Nine-year-old Tyler pulled out his mother’s chair and told her happy birthday as she sat down still clad in the boots. Together they all conversed and enjoyed a leisurely dinner.

“Western boots! I love them! Thank you, Jeremy! I can’t wait to wear them at the rodeo.”

After dinner they stepped into the living room. Emily spent time with her family watching the news before washing the dishes.  As they relaxed in front of the TV, Tyler sat at his mother’s feet. She was still proudly wearing the boots.

“Hey, Mom,” Tyler said. “Which boot do you like best?”

“Excuse me, Tyler,” She said. “Which boot?” she asked still looking at the news while talking with her son.

“Yes, which boot? Look, Mom; they don’t match.”

Now he had his mother’s attention. There was a grin on Tyler’s face as his mother looked more closely at her new boots. Both boots were the same color, but, sure enough, they were not a pair.

Jeremy rolled his eyes and looked the other way. His shopping excursion had failed, but the whole family laughed until they could laugh no more, including little Jennifer.

“Which one do you like, Jennifer? Show Mommy.”

Jennifer picked the left boot.

Emily took off the boots and handed them both back to Jeremy. She thanked him kindly for letting her choose which boot she preferred for her birthday.

Carol Ann Hoel © 8/6/2010

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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11 Responses to Which Boot

  1. buttercup600 says:

    LOL, what a twist!!…Sweet and really encaptulates a happy ending. Good writing my friend xx


  2. That’s a lovely story! Though I can see totally rocking almost-but-not-quite-matching boots, it’s nice that she gets to choose.

    Also, on the writing: I think you paint a picture of how such a mistake could happen. He was in a hurry, late for dinner already… very nicely done.


  3. Nice story – and I love the picture you put with it.


  4. Thank for your comment and for visiting. I appreciate your stopping by.


  5. Megs says:

    I loved that story, it felt very real and I loved her response to the mix-up… so refreshing compared to the ‘expected’ anger at the mistake.


  6. Hi Megs. Thank you for stopping in and commenting on “Boots”. I looked at your blog and read the the first two. I didn’t find a place to comment. Both blogs were very interesting. I agree with you in both cases.


  7. Jingle says:


    poetry community information,
    plus Thursday Poets Rally announcement,..



  8. Trisha says:

    good that it ended with a laugh. its a common thing in hurried shopping.


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