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Trench Digging with a Hoe – Woe Is Me – I Was Reassigned from Bush Trimming to Trench Digging – Yes – We Have a Good Reason to Remove the Stones from Around the Plants –

Life as a bush trimmer was easy. I thought it was hard, but now I know better. I was reassigned to trench-digging with a hoe before I could try my hand at tree trimming. Steve sprays for weeds around the plants. He believes he … Continue reading

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Garden Trimming Continues – Cutting Away Jungle-like Growth in Arizona Desert – Steve Has Given Me this Permanent Job – I am Honored – Killer Steve Continues to Wrestle with Monster Algae in our Pool –

I trimmed the garden plants around the tree and limbs that were lying on top of the plants. Steve has released me from weeding, perhaps because I hate it so much. I also scream bloody murder if an ant bites … Continue reading

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I’m Glad to Help with Gardening – The Work Is Overwhelming until We Get Caught Up – I’m Not Used to Being This Busy – Steve Never Slows Down – He Hated Waiting for His Hip to Heal So He Could Start Back to Work – Gardening Is Temporary Work for Me – SMILE – I Can’t Wait to Take It Easy Again –

There he is trimming the Blue Fan Palm again. After he spent three hours on the palm, he cut up the Little John bush the cactus killed as it crashed to the ground. Multiplication is Steve’s best mathematical skill. He multiplies his … Continue reading

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