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Had to Share this Photo of Lake Erie Shore – We Arrived this Afternoon Greeted by a Wasp that Flew into the Small Window Used to Pay Tolls from the Driver’s Seat – Last Year Hornets Invaded the Cockpit – One Huge Wasp Was Just as Effective in Slowing Down our Progress until We Smacked it Silly and Tossed it in the Trash –

I snapped this photo while Steve was disconnecting the Jeep from the tow bar. This is the view from our campsite! Isn’t it fabulous? We got out of bed this morning at 5:00 a.m., as we usually do when a … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Arizona Sky – Looking Forward to Our First Voyage across the USA in Our Motorhome – Booked Eleven Months – Just Short of a Year –

The time has come to begin our first adventure. I’m posting today because tomorrow will be devoted to packing our stuff outside, the grill, lawn chairs, outdoor carpets, tables, lots of items that we hope will all fit, probably snugly, … Continue reading

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Last Project Coming up – Modification of Jeep for Tow Bar Installation so We Can Tow It behind Our Motorhome – Our Local Transportation while Camping in the United States of America – Our Beautiful Homeland – Bookings Completed –

I have completed a difficult project, planning and booking reservations for us to camp in eleven RV Resorts in¬†Texas, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, and New Mexico, driving through¬†all states between, at last arriving again … Continue reading

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