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Why Do Readers Choose to Read Several Books by the Same Author – I Researched this Issue – What Did I Find – We Do This because We Like the Author – BUT We Don’t Know the Author – Do We – What Do We Discover about an Author by Reading the Author’s Writing – The Author’s VOICE –

I personally have read many novels. When I want another novel to read, I’ll often look specifically for books written by authors I already know I like. If I cannot find a book written by one of those familiar authors, … Continue reading

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Reading a Dean Koontz Novel from His Odd Thomas Series – I Had to Know How Koontz Did This – How Could a Protagonist in a Suspense Thriller Become the Subject of a Series – I Found Out –

My relaxation station is a love-seat with a bench that I use as a coffee table and footstool. Picture that. It works. I rest my feet on the bench and read books on my Kindle. This afternoon I read a Dean Koontz novel, one from his … Continue reading

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