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My New Biscuit Cutters Made Great Biscuits – But Using the Wine Goblet or the Cap from the Laundry Soap or Any Circular Cutting Edge Works as Well – Biscuits Seem about the Same – Delicious – Not Mile-High Biscuits – Just Biscuits –

I had to find out and I did. I appreciate using my new biscuit cutters. They came in the mail on Friday. I tried them out today. Baking two zucchini loaves, biscuits, meatloaf and frying zucchini patties caused an extreme mess in the … Continue reading

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Wanted to Make Gluten-free Lasagna – Attempted to Make Gluten-free Lasagna Noodles – Noodles Failed – Ronzoni Gluten-free Penne Saved the Day – Used Lasagna Recipe – Replaced Layer of Lasagna Noodles with Layer of Penne –

I turned my kitchen into a disaster zone! One failed batch of lasagna noodles caused the mess! I substituted gluten-free flour for wheat flour hoping for the best. This doomed project dominated my kitchen island completely the entire day until I … Continue reading

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