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Everyday Life for People that Live in an RV – What Could Be Better than to Wake Up in the Morning to New Surroundings yet Being in Your Own Home – It’s the Little Things in Life that Make it Okay –

Bellefonte, Ohio, RV park, not where we were the day before and not where we were three days later. We were in this town seeing whatever there was to see. Sometimes we have to drive the Jeep a little distance to find restaurants and … Continue reading

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Steve’s Part – Grilling Pork Loin Chops and Peppers – My Part – Seasoning and Other Food Prep Like Boiling Potatoes – Teamwork Turns Out Delicious Meals – I Still Know How to Make a Mess in the Kitchen –

Oops. I published before I was ready. No sweat. The new cooking scheme for us: Steve grills. I wash and cut veggies and apply seasonings. I boil potatoes or whatever inside. He grills outside. I clean up inside Steve cleans … Continue reading

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RV Stove Top Tiny Compared to the One We Had in Our Former Home – But It Works – Uses Propane Gas – I’m Learning to Cook on It – Chicken Soup from Chicken Thighs Is Simmering –

My husband Steve has a new upper denture. He needs foods that don’t have to be chewed until the transition is complete. It’s been a challenge, but he has found ways to eat even in restaurants. Today I’m cooking chicken soup … Continue reading

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