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Cactus Downed by Monsoon Rains – OH MY – I Snapped a Photo of this Cactus Today during the Storm – It Was Still Standing – Apparently the Rain-Saturated Earth Could No Longer Support It –

Yesterday, as Steve backed out of the driveway, we commented about our cactus leaning slightly. Steve said it wouldn’t hurt anything if it fell. This would be true as long as no one were standingĀ in the path of its decent, … Continue reading

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Arizona Monsoon’s Last Hurrah – We Hope – It Started with a Gust of Wind that Nearly Brought Down a Tree – Followed by Torrents of Rain Driven by Strong Wind – Photo Out the Window – See the Raindrops on the Glass – Three More Days until Scheduled End –

  Steve and I were sitting in our office chatting. From where he sat, he saw a gust of wind bend thisĀ tree nearly to the ground. By the time I looked out the same window, the wind, though still strong, … Continue reading

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