Pennsylvania Dutch Dining in East Stroudsburg – It Seems the Tastes of the Locals Matter to Restaurants Here – Many Serve Homemade Fare Like Pork and Sauerkraut – We Are Eating and Enjoying Good Pennsylvania Dutch Foods –

PA Dutch 1Our neighbors in the campground took us to this restaurant the first time. We have returned more than once to enjoy more Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. This is not the only restaurant that offers customers this genuine Pennsylvania Dutch fare. We are trying not to over-indulge, but you know, uh…

PA Dutch 2See what I mean? These are not small portions. Then we choose from a long list of home-baked pies for dessert. Steve prefers apple and I like coconut cream.

We still cook at home and enjoy it. Home? Yes. For full-time RVers, home is where we park it.

Blessings to all…

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Church on Sunday at East Stroudsburg United Methodist – Downtown East Stroudsburg – Continuing to Visit Churches in the USA – Camping in The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania –


We arrived a few minutes late. GPS got us there but finding a parking place took some time. We put quarters in a meter but afterward noticed that other drivers apparently were parking free. Oh well, we got there and were welcomed. We listened to a message based on the account of Joseph in the Old Testament. Hearing the Bible preached was time well spent. Blessings to the churches of America that preach the gospel.

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We Left Our Coach to Visit Steve’s Family – When We Arrived Back at Our Campground Four Days Later – Chelsea Knew – I Think She Thought We Lost Our Coach and Found It Again – I Believe I Heard Her Laugh

Camping 3As we pulled into the RV Park, Chelsea got excited. We were not even near the coach yet, but she knew we were home again. (How do you like Steve’s pajamas? Hey, we are camping. Dress is casual early in the morning.)

Camping 4

Chelsea knows her home moves around. She has learned to expect new surroundings often. Inside stays the same. She is home and she likes it.

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Another Small Town – This One in Pennsylvania – East Stroudsburg – I Do Not Get the Sense this a Tourist Town – But It Could Be – Great Restaurants – Charm – Pocono Mountains – Tall Trees – Natural Beauty in Abundance –

East Stroudsburg PA

I snapped this photo from inside our Jeep. I sliced off the ceiling of the vehicle with the WordPress edit tool. I think it looks better that way. This is an example of the small town charm of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

We came to town so I could keep an appointment set a week before our arrival here. I picked an excellent salon, Ken and Company, and a very talented stylist named Bill to color, cut, and style my hair. Oh my! How it needed to be done. I could wait no longer.

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Pennsylvania Campground Spectacular Experience – Surrounded by Beauties of Nature – Trees – Trees – Trees – Tall Shady Trees – Sunshine Slanting through Branches – Sunrise in Forest –

Sunrise in Forest

Sunrise in the forest. Pennsylvania woods. Campground spectacular. I don’t have time this morning for many words, but this picture and the following one tell the story. We will be here for awhile.

View from Coach WindowThis is the view looking outside our coach window. Many other campers are here, but from this side of our motorhome they are unseen. We have met the couple situated next to us on the other side. They have been like most RVers kind, helpful, and friendly. Traveling has its challenges, but this is the reward. We enjoy it.

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Good Morning America – We woke up to a North Carolina Sunrise – We Move on to Our Next Stop this Morning – But I Have to Post This Carolina Rising of the Sun – Enjoy –

North Carolina Sunrise

We have tiny windows at the head of our bed, one on each side. The alarm rang to wake us earlier than usual to start the day so we may travel in the cool of the day, but we both went back to sleep. Ha! Such dedication to the task. The next time I woke up, I opened my window shade to take a peek. There it was on the horizon! A North Carolina Sunrise! I jumped up, put on my flip flops and hippity hopped out the door with my phone. There you have it!

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Our First Voyage Focuses on Family – We Encountered My Family in Florida – We Are Departing from a North Carolina RV Park from Which We Visited Steve’s South Carolina Family – A Happy and Playful Time Was Had by All of Us –

Family Fun

Steve’s family are a delightful people to get to know. We had fun with them from the first day until the last. Steve and his grandson played air hockey and several games of pool in this bowling alley that was enhanced with game rooms for all ages. Three generations played together and enjoyed one another.

The hot Carolina sunshine did not stop us from having outdoor fun. Our cookout was shaded only by our awning, and several of us moved inside to eat our food. Afterward the whole gang moved inside. We took the long table with us and set it up against the long sofa, added some chairs on the other side, and played card games together like Golf and Skippo. I learned several new card games during our stay in Florida and the Carolinas.

Today we leave here and drive toward our next destination. We will stay in three parks before we arrive in our Pennsylvania resort in the Pocono mountains.

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Darkness Fell around Us as We Struggled with This Unwelcome Issue – We Were LOCKED OUT of Our Coach – All Keys Were Inside – We Were Outside – ALAS –

Keys NC

North Carolina: As Steve’s family exited our coach, we followed behind them. I shut the door as we filed out. We waved goodbye as they drove away. Attempting to reenter our motorhome, we discovered the door was locked. It shouldn’t have been but it was. All we needed to get back in was the key, but both sets of keys were locked inside. As we struggled to find a way inside, the sun went down and the moon appeared in the sky.

You just heard the awful part of this story. The encouraging part was this: I went to the door of our neighbor, who had arrived only a few hours earlier. I knocked, he opened the door, and I explained our dilemma. He immediately joined us in our efforts to get into the coach. Not only were our keys locked inside, our phones were there also. We were technologically helpless. Our neighbor’s wife googled locksmiths for us, one after another but without success.

As time went by, other campers came to our aid. At any one time approximately six or seven RVers were engaged in solving our problem. Someone suggested AAA might be willing to help. We were members, so my neighbor allowed me to use her phone to reach them. This might have brought us to a conclusion, but not without a locksmith charge, because our keys were located within the cabin and not in the cockpit area. Keys in the cockpit area would have meant that our trauma was covered. At this point any locksmith would have been better than none.

While waiting for the AAA locksmith to call back to conclude arrangements, the manager of the park arrived. A young man had left the scene on his bicycle to locate this person. The office was closed, so he was found by this young man somewhere else. Confidently the manager approached our busy helpers. A few minutes later we were back into our coach! Ah. What a great support group came around us and stayed with us until our mission was accomplished!

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We Visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom with My Family – Watching the Animals Graze Reminds Me that We May Rest in the Lord Knowing He Loves Us and Will Provide for Us –

Animal Kingdom

We rode in a safari bus through a park that was prepared for animals from Africa. The entire day was filled with fun and many technological wonders like the 3 dimensional bug show that enabled bugs that weren’t really there to spray us with water that was real and wet! My grandchildren were determined that I should ride the Everest, a monster roller coaster. Steve rides roller coasters and loves it. I haven’t been on one in too many years to calculate, but I rode the Everest seated next to Steve. Oh my! Oh no! Oh yes! I think it is wise to avoid terror, so I stopped screaming after a while and thought about something else until it was over. I’m glad those rides are short.

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Downtown Winter Garden – Florida – Lovely Community Just Outside Orlando – The City Beautiful – The People Weep in the Aftermath of a Terrorist Attack In Orlando Yesterday – All of America Mourns with Them –

Axum Coffee

Steve and I had lunch with my granddaughter and two great granddaughters at Savoree, a small sandwich shop in downtown Winter Garden. Axum Coffee we toured as we walked along the way. Their baked goods and the smell of brewing coffee were enticing, but we were stuffed from the delicious sandwiches we had enjoyed at Savoree.

While we were there we heard about the terrorist attack that had happened early in the morning hours in a nightclub in downtown Orlando. So very sad. I lived nineteen years in Orlando, so I felt some personal pain along with the people here. All of America groans in the aftermath of this senseless tragedy. May the hearts of the families who lost loved ones be healed.

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Walking Chelsea – a Scenic Excursion in Winter Garden RV Resort – Another RV Park with Beauty and Charm – My Family Here Makes Florida Special –

Goose in pond

We were walking Chelsea in the park, and this is what we saw. I believe that’s a goose in the pond. Swans have longer curved necks. Cypress trees standing serenely in the water look like soldiers protecting this solitary waterfowl from danger. Whether or not, this goose waddled into the pond fearlessly paying me no mind.

Here in the Orlando area for an extended stay, we are enjoying the metropolitan scenery as well as the RV park. My family is here. We have been cooking out at our coach and having lots of fun reminiscing, laughing, and making plans for our stay.


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We Visited This Small Church in The French Quarter of New Orleans – St. Mark’s United Methodist Church – Grace Message Warmed Hearts –

St. Mark 1

We walked about a mile from our Jeep to St. Mark’s United Methodist Church located on N. Rampart Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Inside we were ushered to pews that had room for us to comfortably sit down. A stirring message of grace was delivered by the pastor and gratefully received by the congregation. None of us left the service without assurance that our God and Savior loves each one of us unconditionally. Refreshing.

St. Mark 2I knew from reading about the church that the homeless would be served a meal. Many such individuals were scattered among us, perhaps members or maybe regular attenders. It appeared they were known personally by the others. At the close of the service a man sang the words of the old hymn, “Face to Face with Christ My Savior.” We left there inspired and uplifted.

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Louisiana Is GREEN – And WET – This Is a Bayou – Subject of Many Louisiana Songs – I Love All the Green Everywhere –

Bayou Louisiana

I love all the green, but not so much the high humidity. Inside the coach the air condition units keep us cool. I was critical of the extreme heat in Arizona. Perhaps I didn’t appreciate the low humidity enough. Never a had bad hair day there. Never expect a good one here. We haven’t found perfect weather anywhere. We see beauty everywhere we travel. What a magnificent piece of work God has provided for us on planet Earth! Thank you, Jesus!

We are in New Orleans for a few days of sun. We think we’ll visit the French Quarter today. Did I say SUN? YES SUN! Rain has been our constant companion since we left Arizona. Texas was wet. Louisiana has been wet. But the sun is shining today.

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We Visited a Local Church in Plano Texas – Prestonwood Baptist Church – One of Our Country’s Many Mega Churches – Sermon by Pastor Jack Graham –


Sunday, May 15, 2016. We love to hear the name of Jesus lifted up. Praise His name forever, churches of our land.

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Cloudy Texas Skies – Today – Last Night Lightning Lit the Sky – Thunder Pounded Our Ears – Winds Rocked our Coach – Pet Bichon Frise Chelsea Slept through the Storm –

Cloudy Texas Skies

Cloudy is the theme for the day after the storm, and this thick cloud cover is welcome. Cool and calm. Moist but not wet. I like it.

Beauty sleep must not be interrupted, so Chelsea snoozed through the entire storm last night. Winds blew against our coach, a deluge of jet-propelled super rain drops pelted our roof, bolts of lightning flashed before our eyes, thunder rolled, but Chelsea was somewhere else living in her dreams.

We have been visiting my family and friends in Texas this week and next. This entire year we are focusing on family and friends, Steve’s and mine. America, we will get around to all of your amazing places little by little, mile by mile.

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Chelsea Wanted to Drive – But We Declined Her Offer – Mystery Photo with Reflections from Windshield Behind Her and Side Window in Front of Her – I Think –

Chelsea Drives

There she is, our canine chauffeur Chelsea. I took that photo from outside the coach. No one was in there but Chelsea. Now that I look at the photo enlarged, I see a pair of hands. Don’t ask me why. I am trying to figure this out. I think the windshield was behind her. She was in the cockpit looking out the side window. See the steering wheel? Maybe it was some kind of  double exposure, but I don’t see how that could have happened. Steve and I were both outside the coach. Chelsea was alone. Somehow that had to be a reflection of my hands taking the photo from outside. Isn’t she cute?


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Learning as We Travel – The Idea that Lunch on the Road for Us in this Big Rig with Jeep in Tow Is Simple Has Been Forever Dispelled – Two Hours Spent Undoing Our Lunch Plan Gone Wrong –


I am absent from this photo because I snapped it myself. This is Steve and I at the end of a trip day that took two hours longer than planned. We spent the night in this New Mexico campground. It was adequate. And look at that nice picnic table! We couldn’t resist watching TV outside. I made sandwiches, sliced a tomato, and hauled out the cheese balls.

Here is what happened when we exited I-10 to have our lunch. Cracker Barrel was waiting for us, we thought, but it didn’t happen even though we gave it our best shot. All parking lots, including Cracker Barrel’s, were filled up. There were no HUGE spaces for us to get into and get out of without the necessity of backing up, which is not an option while towing a vehicle. EVER. I guess the tow bar will disintegrate or something. Who knows? We spotted a large area that wasn’t paved, but there were two big semi rigs parked in it. It even had a place to exit on the other side so we wouldn’t have to back up. Steve pulled the rig down the little road leading to this vast open area. When we got closer, we noticed that there were many potholes that were more like moon craters! We could envision the rest of the day involving a tow truck to get us out of there. There was now no way to get to that other exit? We needed to back up to get out of there!

We did not back up. Steve disconnected the Jeep from the coach, drove it to Cracker Barrel, and walked back, while I waited for him holding Chelsea, our pet Bichon Frise, on her leash. The coach was blocking the entrance to a restaurant. This was not pleasant. Small cars sneaked by us to get into the parking lot. I watched them and tried to look innocent. It could have been much worse.

Steve returned and backed the coach into the restaurant and out again, facing the road, with the aid of a sweet elderly lady who simply offered her services with a smile. She directed him from the rear with hand signals. Maybe she was an angel. I should have asked her if she had been a truck driver or an RV enthusiast, but my distress had taken over my brain. Next, Steve drove to Cracker Barrel and parked our motorhome on the street. He retrieved the Jeep, pulled it up behind the coach, and hooked it up again. Steve’s the man! He was not distressed.

It seemed that we weren’t bothering anyone parked on the side of the road, so we made ourselves lunch meat sandwiches, devoured them quickly, and shared them with Chelsea. All is well that ends well.

We intend to explore the use of truck stops for lunch today. It works for truckers. I hope it will work for us.

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Saying Goodbye to Arizona Sky – Looking Forward to Our First Voyage across the USA in Our Motorhome – Booked Eleven Months – Just Short of a Year –

Arizona Sky

The time has come to begin our first adventure. I’m posting today because tomorrow will be devoted to packing our stuff outside, the grill, lawn chairs, outdoor carpets, tables, lots of items that we hope will all fit, probably snugly, in our basement compartments.  The next morning, after coffee, we will need about an hour to slim down our generous living space into a rig that runs on diesel. Our Jeep is equipped with a fancy tow bar enabling it to spin along on four wheels behind us wherever we go. Steve will connect it to the coach before we leave. Backing up is not allowed. Forward roll. Okay, I admit it. I’m fighting off a case of nerves. I’ll get over it. We are going to do this and love it.

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Walking Chelsea Has Benefits – Watching the Sun Setting in the Sky and the Moon Rising in the Clouds –

Sunset in the City

The sun was setting –
The moon was rising –

Moon RisingTime flies when
We’re having fun –

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Gambel Quail – Beginning of Our Collection of Bird Sightings – We Plan to Begin a Collection of Birds We Identify as We Travel – Mainly Birds We Do Not Often See –

Gambel Quail

Our first sighting of Gambel Quail occurred on March 5, 2016. There were four of them and they were strutting about with those curly things protruding from their heads, poking the ground with their beaks, darting back and forth. It was funny to watch them.

I immediately ran for my Peterson bird guidebook to find a photo of these hilarious fowl. It didn’t take long to find out they were Gambel Quail. These birds apparently travel with their mates and sometimes several pair show up together. We saw them again on April 6.

Neither Steve nor I had ever seen one of these colorful birds before. That curved thing jutting out from its head is not a beak. Look closely and you will see a tiny beak below. I want to share how I happened to get this photo. Doesn’t it look like it posed for me? I believe it did. Here is how it happened.

The day was April 9 at sunrise. Steve and I were drinking coffee and looking out the window when we spotted a pair of them dancing across the empty camping spot next door. I told Steve how my favorite time of day while tent camping years ago was the crack of dawn when I’d plug in my coffee pot in the electrical receptacle provided and watch the creatures play in the woods. I decided in the spirit of our conversation to go outside on our patio with my coffee. The air was chilly, but I didn’t care.

While I was sitting there, one of the Gambel Quail landed on the electrical box at the end of our campsite. I always have my iPhone with me, so I snapped a shot from where I was seated, then another and another as I approached this posing bird. It remained perched there until I was very near. This photo is the last of the series.

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