Do You See Steve’s Feet Sticking Out the Window – Yes – Most People Use the Door to Get in – So Why Would Steve Choose to Use the Window – Mia Culpa – My Fault –


Okay, here’s the scoop: Many of you know that we had a bad experience getting locked out of our coach. We thought we solved the problem. We both have keys to the door in our pockets everyday. How could we get locked out again?

There are two locks on the door. The top lock is a bolt; the bottom, a key/remote. We obviously should have been carrying both keys, but we expected to need only the top key. Why? I don’t know why. Duh. Every night I lock both locks before we go to bed. Every morning I open both. We were in a habit of locking only the top lock with a key when we went for a walk. If we had used the remote, we would have been locking both. Now we will do that. But Steve locked only the top lock when he took Chelsea for a walk. This doesn’t sound like a problem, but it was.

Steve had taken Chelsea for a walk. He locked door because I take my shower while he is gone. After he left, I saw him through the window walking without Chelsea. I was curious, so I decided to find out why he didn’t have our pet Chelsea with him. I unlocked the door the way I always did, first the top, then the bottom. I actually unlocked the top lock and unintentionally locked the bottom lock. I walked out, closed the door, and we were locked out. After we realized we were locked out and needed the key we didn’t have, we were duly horrified. After calming down, I remembered that I had opened the windows early in the morning. Ah! How wonderful! Steve put the ladder up to the window, opened the screen, and entered the coach.

We now carry both keys in our pockets just in case we fail to lock the second lock. Now we lock both locks even if we only take a walk. Who woulda thunk it could happen…

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Life is good because God is good.
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6 Responses to Do You See Steve’s Feet Sticking Out the Window – Yes – Most People Use the Door to Get in – So Why Would Steve Choose to Use the Window – Mia Culpa – My Fault –

  1. There is an easy solution. Just take the doors off and throw them away. The keys too.

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    • Ha ha! I apologize for this late reply. We hadn’t thought of doing that, Carl. We both put all keys, house and Jeep, in our pockets before leaving the coach. If we get locked out again, we might just take your suggestion seriously. Blessings to you…


  2. pattisj says:

    LOL I think Carl has a great idea! Oh, you two are learning all kinds of lessons on the road. Glad you had the windows open.

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    • I was shocked when I logged in and found your reply and Carl’s. I somehow missed them in my email. We have been super busy in this area where I spent the first 40 some years of my life. Toledo, Ohio, and southeaster Michigan were my home for a long time. I apologize for missing your comment. Yes, we are very glad the windows were open that day, and we were not locked out for long. Steve is still agile. He was up the ladder and in the window in moments. Whew! Blessings to you, Patti…

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