Darkness Fell around Us as We Struggled with This Unwelcome Issue – We Were LOCKED OUT of Our Coach – All Keys Were Inside – We Were Outside – ALAS –

Keys NC

North Carolina: As Steve’s family exited our coach, we followed behind them. I shut the door as we filed out. We waved goodbye as they drove away. Attempting to reenter our motorhome, we discovered the door was locked. It shouldn’t have been but it was. All we needed to get back in was the key, but both sets of keys were locked inside. As we struggled to find a way inside, the sun went down and the moon appeared in the sky.

You just heard the awful part of this story. The encouraging part was this: I went to the door of our neighbor, who had arrived only a few hours earlier. I knocked, he opened the door, and I explained our dilemma. He immediately joined us in our efforts to get into the coach. Not only were our keys locked inside, our phones were there also. We were technologically helpless. Our neighbor’s wife googled locksmiths for us, one after another but without success.

As time went by, other campers came to our aid. At any one time approximately six or seven RVers were engaged in solving our problem. Someone suggested AAA might be willing to help. We were members, so my neighbor allowed me to use her phone to reach them. This might have brought us to a conclusion, but not without a locksmith charge, because our keys were located within the cabin and not in the cockpit area. Keys in the cockpit area would have meant that our trauma was covered. At this point any locksmith would have been better than none.

While waiting for the AAA locksmith to call back to conclude arrangements, the manager of the park arrived. A young man had left the scene on his bicycle to locate this person. The office was closed, so he was found by this young man somewhere else. Confidently the manager approached our busy helpers. A few minutes later we were back into our coach! Ah. What a great support group came around us and stayed with us until our mission was accomplished!

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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8 Responses to Darkness Fell around Us as We Struggled with This Unwelcome Issue – We Were LOCKED OUT of Our Coach – All Keys Were Inside – We Were Outside – ALAS –

  1. Patricia says:

    Nice to know you were with friendly and helpful peeps. Awful feeling to be locked out of the house/RV.

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  2. Even praying can’t help sometimes. If you are sent the keys of the kingdom you still can’t get into your vehicle.

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    • Ha ha, Carl. Actually, we did pray, and we did get inside with a key expertly maneuvered by the skillful hands of the KOA campground manager. No locksmith fees. Just kindness solved our problem. So I would say our prayers were answered. Blessings to you, Carl…

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  3. I am hand writing New Testament. A page or two a day. Finished Mathew, Mark, Luke now into Chapter 8 John. It has changed a lot of my ideas and understandings.

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  4. pattisj says:

    Oh, Carol Ann! Now that was an adventure! I’m glad you were able to get inside without the expense of a locksmith. Are you wearing those keys around your neck now?

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    • The coach key goes into my pocket each morning. I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me each evening to put the key back on the ring until morning so it doesn’t end up in the washer and dryer. Blessings, Patti…

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