We Found a Coach – Itasca Ellipse Made by Winnebago – This Is Our New Home – Moving Has Begun Again – Are We Having Fun Yet- Uh – Almost –

imageSteve is hauling a load of boxes from a storage facility to our motor home. I am posting this from my iPhone, so I’ll make it short. When Steve arrives, I’ll do my best to help him put away stuff with one good arm. The other is still in a cast.

imageChelsea is more comfortable now than she was while cramped in the car with our personal belongings we carried from hotel to hotel. The best is yet to come, we hope, just around the corner from now.


About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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13 Responses to We Found a Coach – Itasca Ellipse Made by Winnebago – This Is Our New Home – Moving Has Begun Again – Are We Having Fun Yet- Uh – Almost –

  1. Patricia says:

    Congrats on the new home. It looks as big as my condo! Good timing on the cast.

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    • Thank you, Patricia. It is roomy for an RV, but we are realizing how much smaller it is than a stick-and-brick home, as we attempt to squeeze our stuff inside. We are determined to make it look attractive and not cluttered. We have to trim down what we think we need. Blessings to you…


  2. Getting rid of things can be painful but then we begin to realize how little we need . I remember that divorce 30 years ago. I fit what I could in 1972 Cutlass and drove into sunset.

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    • pattisj says:

      ’72 Cutlass? Nice ride, Carl. I had my eye on a pretty red one at one time.


    • Now that’s reducing your stuff, Carl. I admire your courage and stamina. We do what we need to do when the times comes. We are finding out how much unnecessary things we had packed away. May we all have what we need when we need it. Blessings to you…


  3. Maxi says:

    Oh Carol Ann, it’s stunning. As time goes on you may find you don’t need all those things that filled the stick ‘n brick. You will be too busy lovin’ and livin’ all the Lord has givin.’
    blessings ~ maxi

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    • What a delightful way of saying it, Maxi. I agree with you completely. Housework will be less time consuming, too. We are stuffing what we think we should keep in all the little drawers and cupboards available and putting the overflow in the basement. Yes, I said basement. Several large drawers attached to the undercarriage are referred to as the basement. Ha. I am eager to share the RV lifestyle with regard to everyday living with my blogging friends. Blessings to you, Maxi…

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  4. pattisj says:

    What a beautiful home! How exciting as you start this new adventure.

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    • We expect the fun soon to begin. We have been using this time parked at the dealership to unpack all the boxes from storage. Even though it is work, we are enjoying the result of getting it accomplished. I am learning to deal with my laptop not being set up like a desk top. It’s really not as difficult as I imagined. I just need to “lighten up.” Blessings to you, Patti…

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  5. Looks like a great coach.

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  6. jannatwrites says:

    That is a beautiful home- perfect for embarking on adventures while skipping the “roughing it” part 🙂

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    • Amen to skipping the roughing it part. We are getting closer to the experience we expect from our adventure. Yesterday we figured out how to use the stove. It actually works. We had egg and toast for breakfast this morning. Until my wrist heals and the cast is off, I won’t do much cooking. It won’t be long. Blessings to you, Janna…


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