Getting Pet Bichon Frise Chelsea Ready for Her Life on the Road – Shots Up to Date – Leash Training in Progress –

Chelsea Leash Training

We are getting Chelsea, our pet Bichon Frise, ready for life on the road with us. We visited the vet to get her shots up to date for her protection and the welfare of other pets she will meet as we travel. The RV resort we have booked for the coming winter requires a pet’s immunization record for their files.

All thirteen years of Chelsea’s life on earth she has enjoyed the use of a dog door that allows her to come and go as she pleases. It opens into our spacious backyard. When we travel in our soon-to-be-found-and-purchased motor home, she won’t have her dog door any longer.

I am training Chelsea how to walk politely on a leash via a technique I found on the Internet. The goal is to get her to walk beside me without running ahead and trying to drag me at her speed. I stop in my tracks whenever Chelsea pulls on the leash. As soon as she stops pulling, I begin walking again. She is an enthusiastic girl, so being the lead dog on an Alaskan sled team appeals to her more than keeping pace alongside me.

Chelsea’s inclination each time I stopped was to pull harder and lunge forward. I explained, “Chelsea, dear, stop pulling.” She didn’t get it. However, by repeatedly getting the result she wanted only by waiting for me to start again, she learned to wait for me to begin. She quit trying to make it happen by pulling. I don’t think Chelsea understands that her pulling makes me stop, but she knows if I stop, she must stop, too. She forgets what she has learned from time to time, but a brief return to the same pattern refreshes her memory. We are a team.

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9 Responses to Getting Pet Bichon Frise Chelsea Ready for Her Life on the Road – Shots Up to Date – Leash Training in Progress –

  1. Patricia says:

    Well, sometimes we have to test our boundaries again to see if they have stayed the same or maybe moved a bit. Sounds like Chelsea is being a teenager and straining at the ties that bind.

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    • Ha ha! Chelsea is eager and excited when we go for a walk. She wants to run, run, run, but I cannot keep up with her. She is too small to actually pull me, but I like it much better when she trots along beside me. She has the energy of a teenager for sure. By the time we get back home, she is worn out and so am I. Pets are wonderful companions, aren’t they? Thanks for your comment.


  2. Laura Best says:

    I hope you have a great time, Carol Ann. Remember to take some of your books with you you just never know when an opportunity will come up when people learn that you are an author! 😀

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    • From one author to another, thank you for reminding me. I plan to stock up on copies of my book. If I can’t sell them, I’ll give them away. I love it when people read it and tell me they couldn’t put it down. It’s better than money. I truly enjoyed your books, Laura. Keep writing! Blessings to you…


  3. pattisj says:

    Friends in our small group have a motor home. They are exploring New England for a couple months, because they never have. In winter, they head to Florida. I’m glad you and Chelsea are getting your teamwork on! 🙂

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    • I love hearing about people enjoying their motor homes. We will eventually explore New England. I’ve never been that far up the east coast. Grooming Chelsea every two weeks has deepened our friendship. Handling her and taking her on walks has bonded us more. Teamwork is fun. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you, Patti…

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