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My posting frequency has decreased. Several factors could have contributed to the reason for the season, but maybe they did not. And maybe the season is not over yet. My deceased husband Bill used to say often, don’t complain; don’t explain. I kinda liked that motto, so I won’t try to explain my shortcomings. Instead of claiming to be busy when asked to spend time on something he didn’t feel like doing, Bill said, got cats to kill and contracts to fill. He was a painting contractor for a period of time in his life, but that didn’t explain the killing cats part. I never could identify with that one, yet, I admit it is intriguing. Did I have cats to kill and contracts to fill? Indeed I did not.

I had baseboards to wash, although I can clearly declare that it had no effect on my posting abilities. We are soon to list our home for sale, which requires some preparation on our part. Steve has been slaving in the yard in an effort to make it beautiful. He is a trooper. I looked out the window yesterday and noticed he was at the top of an extension ladder trimming a palm tree. Yikes! My baseboard project is nearly finished. I did not labor intensively as my husband has. I really admire that man. I love him, too. Here is how I did the baseboards. It was easy-schmeasy (I got that saying from my brother. I like cliches. No apologies offered.)

I made a list of all the rooms in the house. Then I divided the large rooms into half rooms. All the rooms are large, thus they all became half rooms on my list. I included hallways and closets as individual portions. My plan was to spend a little time each day, yes, each day, washing the baseboards in each room or half room or hallway or closet. Is that what I did? Oh, no. I was more remiss at this than I have been at posting on my blog. Whenever I felt like it, or should I say whenever I coaxed myself into doing it, I recorded the date and any comments about the job next to the portion completed, like how long it took me to do it. I enjoyed a feeling of accomplishment as I checked each one off my list. I began this project in mid-April and only a few closets remain and it is mid-June. BUT, it’s nearly done! Hey, it worked. I noticed the front hall closet has clean baseboards in it. When I asked Steve, he told me he had gotten glue on the baseboards and  had to wipe them clean. Good man! I’ll check that one off my list.

I never quit cooking. I enjoy it, and it takes time and effort. Doesn’t that get me off the hook (I’m addicted to cliches) for taking so long to clean the baseboards? Of course, it does!



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Life is good because God is good.
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9 Responses to Have I Quit Cooking – Having Fun – Living Life – Making and Sharing Plans – What’s Going On – I’ve Been Quiet – Cannot Explain Why – Does This Happen to You –

  1. Patricia says:

    I am very good at list making and planning. Not so much with the actual doing. I am more of a manager/supervisor person. Now if there was just someone here to manage or supervise while tbey do the work.

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    • Supervising is a wonderful skill to have. I could have finished the job in half the time, but I lacked a faithful supervisor standing behind me encouraging me to get on with it. Thanks for stopping by and making me laugh. Blessings, Patricia…

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  2. Maxi says:

    To my mind, you have “hit the wall.” It happened to me Carol Ann, after I had been posting for a number of years. It will probably pass.
    blessings ~ maxi


  3. I DO run into the same thing; periods of getting stuff done, and days of slogging through. Glad you like cooking. The ordinary things of life can be the most rewarding.

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    • Yes, cooking keeps me pleasantly busy, which helps when apathy threatens to dominate. There is a tasty meal to reward my labor. I feel like myself again, I think. Time will tell. All is well, so I have no dilemma to blame. Just being human, I guess. Thanks for your comment. Blessings to you…


  4. pattisj says:

    I’m with Patricia. I’ll make the list. 🙂

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  5. Ha ha! Thank you. 🙂


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