Getting Up Close and Personal with my Laptop – Preparation for Posting on the Road – (The Fox Photo Is a National Geographic Wallpaper) –


Getting up close and personal with my laptop? Until recently I have never used my laptop computer on my lap. (My lap is up close and personal. Well, kinda.) I have always treated my laptop like a desktop PC. My laptop has been sitting on my desk connected to a large auxiliary monitor, speakers, printer, mouse, and keyboard as long as I’ve had it. I started out long ago with a desktop before laptops were ever imagined, and I have continued this way, reluctant to change. Possessing a laptop did not inspire me to change my habit, but don’t think I can’t change. I’ve been forced to make major changes in my life many times; yet, why would I volunteer to change something when I like the way it is?

Steve and I are about to embark on an adventure that will drastically change our lives. We are not being forced, of course. We want to do it. I’ve shared our plans often, but for anyone that doesn’t already know, we are going to sell our home and purchase an RV, a motor home. There will be no room in it for my desktop computer. I need to be the old dog that learns the new trick. I will change and like it.

Here I am preparing this post on my laptop, which is sitting on my lap. The battery icon flashes me a message when I care to prompt it. It says I have three hours and forty-two minutes to finish this post. Don’t you hate a deadline?

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4 Responses to Getting Up Close and Personal with my Laptop – Preparation for Posting on the Road – (The Fox Photo Is a National Geographic Wallpaper) –

  1. pattisj says:

    It’s amazing how quickly we can adapt to something new–and then the old way seems foreign so soon after.


    • I’m sure I will adapt quickly when we live in a motor home. I’ll have no choice. But, you are right. I seemed to slide right into the groove in the short time that I had my laptop on my lap. I expected it to be uncomfortable, but it really wasn’t. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings…

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  2. jannatwrites says:

    I need to catch up… you’re probably on your journey by now 🙂 I think you’ll like the laptop – I haven’t used a desktop in years and love the portability of the laptop.

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    • Laptop is perfect for our plans. We are still on the journey to our journey. It won’t be long before it has been accomplished, but there is so much to do to make it happen. We are getting closer everyday.

      I miss your postings, Janna. I stopped posting myself almost entirely for a while and still am not back full stream, so I understand the many influences that interrupt blog posting and commenting. I just wanted you to know that you’ve not been forgotten. Take your time. Don’t try to catch up. Not necessary. Take your thumb out of the ocean and put it back in. That easy. No need to catch up. We will see ya when we see ya. Keep smiling. God loves you always…


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