Chelsea’s Nails Have Been Trimmed – No Pain – No Cries – No Blood – Success – Steve Gets the Job Done – He is the Official Nail Trimmer –

Chelsea Checking Toenails

Chelsea poses checking out her toenails, but this shot was taken several days before the fact. She licks her paws often. The day finally came. We purchased clippers, and her toenails were trimmed, but not by me. Steve came to the rescue. I did not feel comfortable trimming her nails. Steve did it without a twitch of doubt.

Our new clippers have a sensor that warns if the blade rests on the quick area of the nail. Her toenails were longer than usual, and I read that the quick portion advances forward in that situation. The remedy is to snip only a small part off the end of the nail for a week or two. Supposedly, the quick area will retreat, so that another portion may be clipped away each week until the nails are acceptably short. We will see how that progresses.

Toenail ClippersSteve had to ignore the red light on the sensor that claimed he would be cutting her in the quick. I assume that small feelers of the quick area had advanced, causing the sensor to detect quick. Steve has that macho bravery that I lack, and he went forward with the operation. Chelsea’s nails are a tad shorter now. We will attempt to snip off another tiny portion next week. After this steady encouragement to the quick area to recede, we should be able to trim her nails only once a month. Sound right? We hope. The last thing we want is to scare Chelsea by snipping her nail into the quick. We had a dessert cup of flour available to press on her nail to stop any blood flow, should it have occurred. We are grateful that no blood was let! The deed is done! Success! Amen!

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5 Responses to Chelsea’s Nails Have Been Trimmed – No Pain – No Cries – No Blood – Success – Steve Gets the Job Done – He is the Official Nail Trimmer –

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    What a wonderful tool. Thanks for this post. Glad to know about it. Bravo~
    P.S.: Love the header, Carol Ann.

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  2. pattisj says:

    I used to trim our Golden’s toenails. He was such a sweetie. I actually did get into the quick once, and felt so bad! But he was very patient with me. That was in the days before sensors!

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    • I know that hitting the quick is not a serious wound. If it were, I’d be afraid for us to try to clip Chelsea’s nails. I am not impressed with the sensor. If we had followed the sensor, we could not have trimmed her nails. It showed the red light (which means stop) all the time. It never showed a green light. It might work better after we solve the over-long nail problem. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you, Patti…


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