Who Is Grooming Chelsea – No Longer Planning to Look for Groomers on the Road in an RV – Carol Ann Has a New Job – Private Groomer – Chelsea Only –

I apologize for the sun glare coming in the window producing the shadow.

I apologize for the sun glare coming in the window producing the shadow.


Chelsea, our Bichon Frise, now approaching her thirteenth year of age, has developed sensitive skin and other conditions connected with her mature state in life. Scratching her itches became an obsession that intensified after each grooming. The problem became serious after her last groom. This is when we decided that I should bathe and trim her myself.

I took the necessary time to find out what I needed to do to accomplish this new project successfully. I’m still learning, and Chelsea is benefitting. She doesn’t itch after her bath and trim. We are benefitting, also, by saving money now and when we are on the road in an RV. Although grooming services are available at many campgrounds, we will be self reliant. I plan to learn how to trim her toenails, too. Yikes. We will see how that goes.

We purchased oatmeal shampoo. I learned that groomers generally use a shampoo with whitening for white dogs. Chelsea always looked like a princess after her groom with fur glistening like new-fallen snow. Her groomer did an excellent job of making her beautiful. I am getting her clean and white but not quite brilliantly white. She looks great and is not scratching, pulling out her hair, and yelping for help any longer.

I turn my kitchen into a grooming parlor by first removing all items from the counter top surrounding the sink. I make absolutely positive that I rinse all soap from her body before I move her from the sink to the counter top where I dry her with a towel (no blow drying to dry out her sensitive skin). There I brush out her fur and trim off any fur from her bottom (no shaving this area). Chelsea and I are enjoying our new routine. This was our third grooming session.

I can do this.

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10 Responses to Who Is Grooming Chelsea – No Longer Planning to Look for Groomers on the Road in an RV – Carol Ann Has a New Job – Private Groomer – Chelsea Only –

  1. Patricia says:

    Chelsea is looking good. I used to groom my poodle. the first couple of clips weren’t exactly pretty but i got the hang of it. You are coming right along with the RV plans. Any travel date yet?


    • We have not purchased an RV yet, but the time may be sooner than we first anticipated. We are investigating which RV club memberships we will need, which offer discounts at campgrounds, and what campgrounds we will want to dock in or linger in. We see that to pay decent rates, we will need to book in advance (kinda takes away from the idea of the spontaneity). We plan (unless we learn a better way) to rent an annual spot the first year. This way we will always have a reasonable camp site in the place we want to spend the winter, which seems important for the first year when nothing will be booked in advanced. We have very many factors to pull together to do this advantageously. Thanks for stopping by and for your question. Blessings to you, Patricia…


      • Patricia says:

        There is a lot to consider when making a major change in life-style. It will be fun to hear about your adventure.

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      • We will share our adventures. RV lifestyle sounds like it would be spontaneous, but one must plan ahead. Failing to book a spot in a place you want to stay can spoil your plans. We almost waited too late to book our winter here where we want to spend it with our friends. We made it just in time. This is springtime, but we booked winter. There was only one site left that we liked. It’s hard to believe one must plan so far ahead. We don’t even own a coach yet, but to protect our option, we had to book. We may cancel up to 30 days before the time and receive most of our deposit back. But still…..


  2. jannatwrites says:

    I admire your dedication. I tried the home grooming with our yorkie-poo and decided the groomer was the way to go! And clipping dog’s toenails scares me because I’m afraid I’ll get the quick… in cats, it’s very easy to see how far I should go. Good luck on the grooming and travels 🙂


    • I wouldn’t have started grooming Chelsea myself if I were still working a full-time job. You are too busy to put that burden on yourself, I think. I am retired and that makes a difference. Chelsea has clear toenails so that I am able to see the pink (quick) area on each toenail. Still, I surely don’t want to make her bleed. Some dogs have black toenails that hide the quick area, in which case it’s all guess work. My daughter told me about Pedi Paws, some kind of instrument that sands off the nail rather than cutting it. I’ve read pros and cons about it, and I am considering it. I am approaching this project cautiously. Thanks for your encouraging comment. Blessings to you, Janna…


  3. pattisj says:

    Yes, you can, and I’m sure she appreciates it.


    • I think she likes it better when I do it, but grooming is not her favorite activity. Her health has improved since I’ve been doing it. The whole process takes about an hour and a half. Her fur is thick and curly like a poodle’s and it grows fast. The brushing and combing project takes a lot of time.

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