Convection Oven Cooking – Do I Have to Learn It – I Declined When We Bought a Stove that Supports Both Conventional Use and Convection Baking and Roasting – So Why Learn It Now – Our Plan to Live in an RV – New RVs Come with Convection Ovens Only – Not Both –

Convection Oven

Here I am learning new tricks – convection baking and roasting. (I hope you don’t think I’m an old dog. It has been said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, so I can’t be one.) I’m learning this! I am determined.

The stuffed pepper dish above was cooked using the convection bake setting with a 350 F. temperature. Look how delicious this looks from only 45 minutes surrounded by constantly moving hot air produced by a fan, using the convection bake setting on my oven. How much time did I save? Maybe five minutes. See the browning effect that convection baking produced. The meat was perfectly done, fully cooked inside, and featured the desired brown presentation.

How did I determine whether to use the bake or the roast setting? I purchased a book entitled Baking with Convection by Beatrice Ojakangas. She not only tells which setting to use, she also tells why. I also use Google to find specific recipes designed for convection oven cooking.

Convection Oven 2

This is my standard baked chicken recipe converted to convection. Look at the deep browning convection roasting achieved. According to a recipe I found online, I used the convection roast setting at 400 F. for 15 minutes, and 350 F. for an additional 45 minutes. It was flavorful, juicy, with slightly crunchy skin. I am pleased. I am surprised, too.

Also, with convection cooking multiple foods may be easily baked or roasted at the same time, side by side or on different racks. Notice the roasted potatoes. I cooked them at the same time I roasted the chicken.

I thought learning this was going to be difficult. Not so. I no longer dread having to switch to convection cooking when we eventually live in an RV. In fact, I probably have switched already!

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