How to Fold Bottom Fitted Bed Sheets – Since the Secret of Folding Them Was Told to Me – I’ve Been Trying to Learn This Procedure for Three Years – Today I Accomplished It for the First Time – Gold Star for Me –

Folded Sheets

All my adult life I’ve struggled with folding bottom fitted bed sheets. After failing miserably for many years, I developed a habit of shaking out the wrinkles and then scrunching it all together in a ball and sticking it into the drawer. Pitiful, wouldn’t you say? Many times I tried to do better, but in the end, the same lopsided clump of bed sheet had to be tucked away.

One day while discussing the woes of housework, I complained to my brother about the difficulty everyone has (I was sure it was everyone) in folding fitted bed sheets. I was amazed to hear that my bro was an expert at folding them. He assured me that, if handled properly, a bottom sheet could be folded into the same neat bundle as the top sheet. He explained the process to me, and I was sure my bed sheets would be perfectly folded from then on. But woe to me, another three years passed as I kept on trying to figure it out. I’ve been getting better at it, but never really close to the desired matching folded sheets. Today the final adjustment in my thinking dawned upon my sheet-folding gray matter. Ah ha! I got it! See my two matching folded sheets, top and bottom, with pillow cases on top.

Procedure: Spread the bottom sheet on an area large enough to contain it. Lay the elastic corners flat in such a way that the corners are straight across from one another and all four edges are straight. Next fold the sheet in half by nesting the two lower corners on top of the upper corners. Keep folding in half one way or the other until the folded sheet is shaped the way you want it. Be sure to fold the top sheet in the same manner so it will match the shape of the bottom fitted sheet.

Don’t look at the wrinkles in my bed sheets. I still haven’t conquered the concept of ironing sheets. Getting the ironing board out and heating the iron! All that sheet material hanging over the sides of the ironing board! I don’t think so. There are limits to my patience.

Am I the only one that struggled to fold a bottom fitted bed sheet? Probably not. I guess this is a silly post. So enjoy a laugh. But it’s TRUE. I folded that bottom sheet perfectly!

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9 Responses to How to Fold Bottom Fitted Bed Sheets – Since the Secret of Folding Them Was Told to Me – I’ve Been Trying to Learn This Procedure for Three Years – Today I Accomplished It for the First Time – Gold Star for Me –

  1. pattisj says:

    A job well done, Carol Ann! I watched a video on this once, but continue to fold them the way I always have. Blessings to you!

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  2. Patricia says:

    I do this, but my sheets don’t look as neat as yours. I would never iron sheets! There is nothing wrong with a wrinkle here and there. I tell myself this every time I look in the mirror.

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    • Ha ha. At this late date in my life experience I confess that the old scrunch-and-stash method worked. And, I agree that wrinkles are acceptable. My wrinkled sheets don’t keep me awake at night any more than a few interesting wrinkles on my face. I look at them and find no fault at all. Blessings to you, Patricia…

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  3. The only thing I fold is a poker hand with crummy cards.

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  4. Congratulations! Fitted sheets can be such a pain. It’s never too late to figure something out that makes your life easier, even if only in a small way. 🙂

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