RV Planning Continues – Changes Were Bound to Happen – Not Looking for Fifth Wheel – Now It’s a Motor Home We Think We Need – But – Perplexing Matters Persist – Like – How to Fit in a Pool Table – And Chelsea Wants a Doggy Door –


RV Life

Our dream for the future, our plan, our destiny has changed from a fifth wheel to a motor home. The authors of a book about RV living advise people to buy their third RV first. It seems people often purchase an RV and trade it in a few years later, once or even twice, before realizing what they really wanted in a coach. Buying the wrong RV is a costly mistake we hope to avoid. We are studying all the information we can find to make our adventure successful.

The drama continues to play out in our minds. We spend hours in a week checking out the Internet for RV floor plans and watching trends, reading what full-time RVers have to say, and contemplating the changes that must happen in our lives if and when we purchase an RV.

Pool Table Cover OffToday we laughingly considered how we might fit a pool table into a motor home. As far as we can tell, it won’t work. We will miss being able to play pool whenever we please.

Chelsea Groomed 1

Chelsea, our pet Bichon Frise, has a doggy door here at home. She scoots out the tiny door into a huge backyard, romps and does her business. She will miss her private doorway.

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4 Responses to RV Planning Continues – Changes Were Bound to Happen – Not Looking for Fifth Wheel – Now It’s a Motor Home We Think We Need – But – Perplexing Matters Persist – Like – How to Fit in a Pool Table – And Chelsea Wants a Doggy Door –

  1. Carol says:

    I don’t too often leave a comment but couldn’t resist after reading this, considering all the RVs my hubby and I have had — nine, to be exact … a canvas-topped tent trailer, two travel trailers, two 5th-wheels, two motor homes and two campers! Both of us grew up in homes that enjoyed camping, and my father made us a tent trailer as a wedding present, so we’ve been “RVing” since the day we were married, which is 55 years now. After we outgrew our tolerance for camping under canvas we bought our first trailer, and I remember the good advice of friends at the time: RENT a few first to figure out which kind of RV you’re comfortable with, and whether you really like toting them around. It’s worth the expense in the long run.

    They were right, although we found that our rig and style preferences also changed through the years as our circumstances did. When the children were small, the interior layout we preferred was a lot different than later lifestyles dictated. And where we wanted to travel and camp played a role in how big an RV we wanted to cope with. You’re smart to give it lots of thought but I hope you eventually find exactly what you want and will enjoy the RVing experience. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Carol. It’s so nice to hear from an experienced RVer. Your history in this area is fascinating indeed. We are really trying to check out everything so we can choose wisely. Renting a motor home is extremely expensive, but we may do it. We haven’t decided for sure. We are thinking of purchasing a car towing dolly so we can keep our old car a few more years instead of investing in a new car that can be towed flat. There are many things to consider. It’s mind boggling. Thanks again for your comment. Blessings to you…


  2. pattisj says:

    Those motor home types are beautiful! You’ll just have to visit places that already have a pool table onsite. 🙂 As for Miss Chelsea…she might have to go on strike with her door AND backyard being gone.


    • Yes, Chelsea will miss her conveniences, and we will, too. We don’t have to take her outside for a walk, and that will change. Many campgrounds have pool tables, so you are right. We will have that option. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings…

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