Yesterday the Floor Space Underneath the Refrigerator Was Finished – I Thought – But No – Steve’s Work Had Just Begun – Way Too Much Work Goes into this Project – But Steve Doesn’t Wear Out –

How do you like Steve's Superman pants?

How do you like Steve’s Superman pants? He is stirring GLUE. Messy Stuff!

Am I bragging on my husband? Yes. He amazes me. Steve is like the energizer bunny. He doesn’t wear out.

Remodeling 2Yesterday I thought this part of the floor was finished. When we left for our lunch date, the concrete was entirely covered with boards. I should have known better, but I didn’t pay close enough attention to what he was doing. I admired what I thought was the finished portion. I failed to recognize how much labor is involved in the installation of hardwood flooring. Now that I know, I call this stage the mock up. This was the planning, cutting, sanding, and fitting stage, which in its finality became a replica of the finished product. But the boards had not been glued down. Alas.

FlooringFlooring 2The second photo shows the bare concrete floor again, and the third, the boards he laid yesterday. Steve pulled up all the boards and stacked them in perfect order to place them, one at a time, on top of a coat of glue.

I am resolved to serving warmed-up spaghetti squash with some sausage links, orange slices, and maybe tomato wedges today for lunch. I will only need to cook the sausage links. I can handle that.

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