Trench Digging with a Hoe – Woe Is Me – I Was Reassigned from Bush Trimming to Trench Digging – Yes – We Have a Good Reason to Remove the Stones from Around the Plants –


Life as a bush trimmer was easy. I thought it was hard, but now I know better. I was reassigned to trench-digging with a hoe before I could try my hand at tree trimming. Steve sprays for weeds around the plants. He believes he should spray further away from them, because some have died, and Steve suspects they were smitten by weed killer. Our yard is covered in stones, which is common in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. I am systematically removing the stones from around the plants. This requires breaking up the earth, as the stones have become lodged. This I do by striking the ground with the point of the hoe. After breaking the stones free, I use the hoe to drag the stones away from the plant. Steve will fill the trenches with sand. This will look nice and also serve as a marker to stop spraying weed killer.

HoeSteve has a superior hoe to the one I used in my young adult life in Michigan. I was death to many a hoe there, but this one is special. It’s sturdy and well-built. Our Michigan garden was planted in clay. I would strike the hard clay with the point of the hoe, sideways, to break through the earth. It was at this point that my hoe sometimes would fall apart under my crushing blow. I am glad to have a quality hoe to perform this mission of mercy.

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Life is good because God is good.
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