Trimming Red Yucca – First Project of the Day – I Really Focused on Making It Round – I Had to Quit – Many Other Things to Do This Day –


Red Yucca

This was my contribution to yard beautification today. I spent at least an entire hour, maybe longer, trimming this red yucca. I used to trim my children’s hair when they were young. I patiently tried to make their haircuts perfect so no one would know their mother did it. You may not see the analogy with trimming this yucca, but it’s there. I really wanted this plant to look like it was professionally done by a bush stylist (or landscape artist). I know. It doesn’t look perfect at all. I finally gave up so I could take my shower, finish the laundry, cook our food, and write this post.

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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