6 Responses to Emails, Emails, Emails – Accumulating Emails in My Inbox until Deleting Emails Becomes a Huge Project – How Do Bloggers Manage Emails –

  1. Can easily have 800 a day. What I have done is delete all but 5% – those of real interest or good blog buddy and focus on who visits my blog. People that leave a comment or a like almost always get the return visit. If new follower I visit once and if they become part of regulars they get the category 1 treatment. I’ve added 4 inches to waistline returning visit to more than I can handle. I no longer use “notify of reply by email” because you get all their replies. You can always go back and visit their reply to your comment the next time you visit their blog for a new post. One cartoonist I follow in Tasmania has an option where you are notified of reply to your comment only which is good.


  2. jannatwrites says:

    That’s a lot of emails! I never click the notify of follow up comments because I can barely keep up with emails. I do visit new followers and everyone who comments, but I don’t receive notification on ‘likes’ and rarely visit just based on ‘likes’. I felt guilty about that at first, but then I accepted that I’m doing the best I can. Good luck finding the strategy that works for you!


    • I appreciate likes, as I know you do also. There are many blog posts where I simply give my like, but I think we build relationships with commentators. Comments take more time, but we get to know one another better.

      I’m hearing that there is no magic way to manage emails. It’s tough. I think if I were not subscribed to bloggers’ comments, I’d forget to follow-up. I tried it once for a short time. Blogging takes time. You do a great job of consistently posting and visiting. Being a working wife and mother and writer and blogger has to be a challenge indeed. Blessings to you, Janna…


  3. elizabeth says:

    I just unfollowed the blogs that I didn’t visit regularly. I find the Reader really helpful for saving time when reading blogs.


    • I have recently unfollowed some blogs i don’t visit, because my Reader was getting to be hard to navigate. I was not aware of the Reader until this year, and I’ve been blogging for about five years! What a discovery that was! Yes, it is very helpful. Blessings to you, Elizabeth…


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