Why Do Readers Choose to Read Several Books by the Same Author – I Researched this Issue – What Did I Find – We Do This because We Like the Author – BUT We Don’t Know the Author – Do We – What Do We Discover about an Author by Reading the Author’s Writing – The Author’s VOICE –

MP900403049I personally have read many novels. When I want another novel to read, I’ll often look specifically for books written by authors I already know I like. If I cannot find a book written by one of those familiar authors, I may decide to read a novel by an author I don’t know.

I’m not the only reader that does this. Many readers do it, according to this dialog from goodreads.com. Wouldn’t liking an author imply that we must know something about the author? There may be a biographical blurb about the author on the book jacket, but that’s not what causes us to like the author.

We like the author because we enjoy reading books he or she has written. What is it we like about a particular author? My research revealed that readers may like an author’s voice. According to an article on About.com, Fiction Writing, written by Ginny Wiehardt, voice is the quality of the author’s unique writing style. The author’s voice may reflect attitudes, personality and character of the author.

Voice is often referred to as style. What do you think? Does an author’s voice, or style, influence you to choose books by that particular writer over others?


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10 Responses to Why Do Readers Choose to Read Several Books by the Same Author – I Researched this Issue – What Did I Find – We Do This because We Like the Author – BUT We Don’t Know the Author – Do We – What Do We Discover about an Author by Reading the Author’s Writing – The Author’s VOICE –

  1. Oh, yes, definitely! Voice isn’t the only thing that draws me back to an author, but it’s a very large part. An author’s voice may shift if she writes in different genres, for example, but there remains something consistent about the way she approaches voice. And while it’s difficult to draw direct correlation between voice and personality, there is definitely some connection that we as readers pick up on. Liking an author’s voice doesn’t mean we truly know her, but it does mean there’s something about her that we like, even if it’s only a small facet of her total personality.


    • Very well said, Jennifer. I’ve heard that an author’s voice may change if writing in a different genre. I’m not surprised that some aspects of voice would remain consistent even when switching to another genre. I agree that the knowledge we gain through an author’s voice is abstract at best. Yet, as you said, we pick up on it. Thanks for your insightful comment. I can tell you’ve given this subject some prior thought. Now I know whose brain to pick on writing issues. Blessings to you…


  2. I just ordered a bunch by Robert Parker (crime mystery) and Jack Whyte(post Roman Britain historical fiction) both of whom I’ve read. Some people even read the same books by the same author over and over again and over again(Mathew, Mark, Luke and John).


  3. jannatwrites says:

    Voice and writing style is a huge reason to keep reading books by an author. If I like the type of story, I’ll probably read more by that author, until it feels like I’m reading the same story with different characters.


  4. lesliepaints says:

    Oh my goodness. I so enjoy reading these posts about authors and books. I choose books by my favorite authors. On top of voice, I like good character development. I want to know about the people and how they feel, how they respond to situations the author places them in. I especially like reading novels with characters who grew up in the same time period as me. Authors who are my age also offer up a voice I am accustomed to. I also like history and some biographies, especially those that can take the truth and weave it into more of a story form like Laura Hillenbrand and “Unbroken” as well as her book on “Seabiscuit”.


    • We like the same kinds of books, Leslie. Character development is very important. I once read that a plot-driven novel did not have to put as much emphasis on character development. I disagree. Why should a reader care about the plot, if the reader cannot identify with and appreciate the characters involved? Both are necessary, and both may be accomplished by an author.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your insightful comment. Blessings to you…


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