Rain – Rain – Rain – We Need Rain in the Valley – Last Night We Had a Dust Storm – Somewhere in the Valley There Was Rain – Amazing – Happy July 4th to USA and Anyone Wishing to Celebrate with Us – Party – Party – Party –

Rain Rain Rain - Where are you -

Rain Rain Rain – Where are you –

Happy Independence Day !

Let me tell you about our Dust Storm last night, but mostly about the dust storm warning. If you live in Arizona, you already know about this. Every time there is a probability that a dust storm will occur, a warning is issued to cell phones. I’m not sure which cell phones sound the alarm, probably any that support such messages. What made last night’s warning different was the fact that Steve and I were in a restaurant with our friends. There were two other tables full of people and thirteen people in our group. There must have been twenty cell phones that received the alarm at one time, a loud, obnoxious, ongoing buzzing. It reminded me of the noise we might hear if we were at the edge of nuclear disaster!

Most people knew exactly what was happening. One man yelled loudly, “Get under the tables!” He was joking, of course. Everyone knew it, I hope. No one got under the tables.

The lightest portion of cloud was the storm coming...

The lightest portion of cloud was the dust storm coming…

I was excited. This would be my third dust storm experience. Both other times the storms were minimal. This was was minor also. Steve told me that we don’t know what to expect when a dust storm warning issues. Until the storm happens, its intensity is unknown. No one left the restaurant to hurry home. We all finished our dinners. We made it home just in time to put my van in the garage. (The window won’t come up and sand might have filled the inside of the vehicle!) I took a video of the storm. I cannot show the video. I don’t feel free to publish photos of the houses of others. I was standing inside the entryway to our home. I got lots of sand between my toes during the short time I stood there.

I lived many years in Florida, so when I think of storm warnings, I think of hurricanes. This was nothing like a hurricane. Steve says that I should not wish for an intense dust storm. I shall be content and grateful not to have them.

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8 Responses to Rain – Rain – Rain – We Need Rain in the Valley – Last Night We Had a Dust Storm – Somewhere in the Valley There Was Rain – Amazing – Happy July 4th to USA and Anyone Wishing to Celebrate with Us – Party – Party – Party –

  1. pattisj says:

    I can’t imagine being sandblasted! A friend and I were having lunch in a restaurant one day when everyone’s phone sounded an Amber alert. It is an odd experience! Our weather radio and my phone went off at 1:03 a.m. this morning with a tornado warning for our area. Not much sleep after that! We watched the storm move off to the northwest, light clouds much like yours against a dark sky, with pink and green lightning (or transformers blowing). Who needs fireworks?!


    • Wow! I’m glad the tornado missed you. Those alarms going off in unison have a sinister effect on me. A sand storm may be more likely to hit a wide area when an alarm goes off, but a tornado, although actually striking a smaller area, may be a devastating experience. I lived many years in an area where tornadoes were the most feared storms. I’d rather be sandblasted that hit by a tornado. Steve has described a bad dust storm as leaving behind much cleanup work and causing one to stop driving until it quits blowing.

      I’ve also experienced a transformer blowing. One that was located just outside our door in Florida suddenly blew up. I thought we were attacked by terrorists. I couldn’t figure out why they would have chosen to hit our little apartment. When I called 911, they told me it was the transformer within five feet of our apartment, at ground level. Ha! The operator almost laughed when I told her I thought we’d been bombed. I was glad to hear we were safe.


      • pattisj says:

        I can’t imagine all that dust/sand in everything. I know how much we get just having the windows open on a regular day.


      • Yesterday Steve told me that the pool is a disaster area. I haven’t seen it yet. The wind blew all kind of debris in it. This is definitely an inconvenience. There probably is no real damage. Steve says that several years have gone by since the last serious dust storm. Blessings…


  2. jannatwrites says:

    Dust storms aren’t that bad unless driving in them. I’ve enjoyed the rain over the last couple of days!


  3. elizabeth says:

    Oh, I would not like to live in a place that gets regular dust storms.

    We sometimes get sandstorms, but they are fewer since the powers that be decided to let the natural course of water return. 🙂

    Was so thankful for the rain we got yesterday.


    • I believe that dust storms here are somewhat frequent but usually mild during the monsoon season. How does that sound? MONSOON season! It’s not bad the the kind we hear of in Asia and some other places. The sky stays unusually cloudy, and rain storms may occur. Some are drenching rains, but I’ve been here a year and have never seen a drenching rain yet. I’m sure it could happen, and we need rain so much that it would probably be a good thing.

      Thanks for the visit and comment. Blessings to you, Elizabeth…


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