Remodeling Day for Steve – Not Grocery Shopping Day for His Wife – Steve Was So Sweet to Marry Me – I’ll Gladly Raid the Refrigerator to Find SOMETHING to Cook –

Remodeling DayOkay. I can do this. Ordinarily on the day I run out of produce, eggs, or anything that would hamper my cooking, Steve takes me shopping, but today I know his heart is in remodeling. I hear his saw buzzing as I type this post.

Time to look in the refrigerator to see what is there. In the produce drawers there are onions, 1/3 of a red pepper, parsley, one potato, a bag of carrots, two small tomatoes, a bulb of garlic, a piece of fresh ginger, and some other stuff, but what will I cook? It’s past 11:00, and our dinner time is usually noon or 12:30. We get up early and by noon we are hungry. We snack at night. This schedule works for us.

I waited too long to thaw half a chicken, so I opt for catfish. I pull out three fillets from the freezer bag and put them in the kitchen sink, still sealed in baggies, with water and ice for a quick thaw. They are thawing as I type this post.

Remodeling foodI always have rice on hand, and Jasmine rice takes only 15 minutes to cook. I’ll use carrot, onion, red bell pepper, garlic, ginger, and parsley to make a rice dish.

I like to serve raw fruit and vegetables with meals in an effort to provide alkaline food along with the acidic, to help our bodies maintain pH balance. I look in the fridge again. Ah, an apple, and a few grapes. I’ll serve the grapes, two small tomatoes, and the apple sliced in quarters.

The rice cooks in 15 minutes. While it is cooking, I chop the vegetables, mince the garlic, and grate the ginger. As soon as I finish, the rice is ready, too.

Remodeling RiceI heat a skillet with coconut oil and drop in the chopped onions and carrots. Soon after, I add the red pepper, then the garlic and ginger. I saute the vegetables and add the rice. Next I add the spices. I accidentally pour in too much white pepper, so I let up a little on the red pepper, hoping not to torch my husband’s shorts. (That is what he says happens when I make his food too hot.) I add the curry powder and toss it all until the rice is completely inundated with the spices. Lastly, I sprinkle in the chopped parsley for green nutrition and color, too. Just to make sure that the heat is toned down enough, I drizzle a little honey on it and fold it all together.

remodeling PlatesThe rice is dish is complete. I set it aside and fry the fish.

My remodeling hubby has a good dinner in spite of my low supplies and late start. Did I mention that we have rice pudding for dessert? I cooked it yesterday.

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1 Response to Remodeling Day for Steve – Not Grocery Shopping Day for His Wife – Steve Was So Sweet to Marry Me – I’ll Gladly Raid the Refrigerator to Find SOMETHING to Cook –

  1. pattisj says:

    Steve is always working on something, isn’t he? And you’re always cooking! So happy for both of you.


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