PEEL a Clove of Garlic – NO WAY- Takes Too Long – The Secret is Smash – Slip – Snip – Finished –

Garlic Bulb and Clove


Separate a clove from the bulb of garlic. If you have ever tried to peel a clove of garlic with a paring knife, you know what a tedious job it is. I spent a few years doing it that way until someone showed me the secret of chefs. Get ready. It’s FUN!

Garlic SmashGarlic undressedPlace the clove of garlic on a cutting board. Find a knife with a wide blade. Lay the blade on top of the garlic clove. Raise your fist. SMASH the flat side of the blade with your fist.

There you have it: A clove of garlic already half undressed. SLIP off the rest of the skin easily!

Garlic without skins

SNIP off the end of the clove. Mince it or slice it or whatever you want to do with it.

Peeling a clove of garlic is no longer an issue. SMASH, SLIP, SNIP. Finished!

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9 Responses to PEEL a Clove of Garlic – NO WAY- Takes Too Long – The Secret is Smash – Slip – Snip – Finished –

  1. I use a technique similar to this to get mt computer working.


  2. I cut the bottom off first as that part sticks to the skin the most. Then smash and slip.


    • Ah. I’ve done it that way before. You are right that it stays more compact if you wait to snip off that part. Sometimes I smash it too hard. Thanks for helping us get the garlic out of the skin. I appreciate your visit. Blessings to you, Genie…


  3. Jamie Dedes says:

    Just have to have the knack, huh? Great post. 😀


  4. pattisj says:

    You made quick work of that.


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