Salmon Patties – Mushroom Soup – Beets on side – Apples and Golden Raisins Dessert – Simple No-Frills Cooking –

Salmon Patties Mushroom SoupI like to serve whole foods, uncooked, with nutrition intact, as much as possible. I strive to present at least one item on my menu that is dominantly alkaline to maintain a healthful PH balance in our bodies. Today’s dessert of apples and golden raisins are both alkaline and uncooked.

The main fare is a combination of Salmon patties and a dip made of mayonnaise, sour cream, paprika, and fresh minced garlic.

Also, on the side I served Portobello mushroom soup and a small serving of pickled beets that we purchased in a jar from Costco. We rarely buy beets already prepared, but Costco gave us samples. We ate; we liked; we bought!

Salmon Patties in MakingMushroom CapI drained the liquid from the canned salmon and put it in a bowl with chopped onion and parsley. Next, I switched my attention to the mushroom. (Do you remember that huge package of mushrooms in my other post? I’m still trying to use them.)

Mushroom Soup PrepMushroom SauteMushroom Soup SimmeringMushroom SoupPortobello mushroom soup? Why not? I chopped the mushroom and some onion and sauteed them in olive oil and butter. I added chicken stock to cover them, a sprig of parsley, a shake or two of ground thyme and dried oregano leaves, and simmered it for fifteen minutes. Next, I stirred in about 1/3 cup of milk and put it all in the blender for a short spurt, not wanting to puree it completely. I poured it into a bowl and set it aside to be warmed again before serving.

Salmon Patties in MakingSalmon Patties Mushroom SoupMy recipe for salmon patties may be the simplest you will find. My mother and grandmother both made it this way except without parsley. I added to the bowl of salmon, onion, and parsley two eggs and mixed it well with a fork. I heated a skillet with olive oil and formed the salmon mixture into patties and fried them, turning until browned well on both sides.




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4 Responses to Salmon Patties – Mushroom Soup – Beets on side – Apples and Golden Raisins Dessert – Simple No-Frills Cooking –

  1. I like a syrupy apple/raisin instead of cranberry


  2. suzicate says:

    My mom used to make salmon patties when I was growing up. I wanted them a few weeks ago and even bought a can of salmon, but haven’t made them yet. I’ve never had them with a dip, but sounds like something I’d like to try.


    • I think my desire for salmon patties may have come from missing my mother and grandmother. Some foods bring back memories like old, familiar songs. Thanks for stopping by Susan. Blessings to you…


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